Fall into the Season - Vancouver Fall Dog Care

Here we are again - summer has flown by, and you just noticed yesterday that leaves are already on the ground. Fall is officially here! That means shorter days, but crisp, refreshing air. A little chillier weather, but warm sweaters & pumpkin spiced lattes got your back. Who knows, we might even get a little bit of snow like last year! Regardless, if you are planning on enjoying the changing season, then it's important to stay healthy, and that goes for your dog as well. In this post, we will focus on some tips & tricks for Vancouver Fall Dog Care.

Autumn is Tick, Tick, Ticking Closer!

Even though peak tick season is in the spring months, colder weather still isn't enough to keep those little pests at bay. Many species of ticks are active even into the winter! Also, unlike the rest of Canada, Vancouver doesn't freeze over, so ticks can still find little hideaways. Start by eliminating their favourite environments, such as leaf and other garden litter. If you already use tick control or repellent products, continue doing so, especially if you continue to spend large amounts of time outside. Also, and this may be obvious, but check for those little buggers frequently! Anytime you're out in one of the many dog parks, a romp through the leaves, or jogging through Pacific Spirit Park, do a quick run down of your pup! This is probably the easiest way to ensure quality Vancouver fall dog care.

Additionally, regardless of location, the elemental tumult of fall (drying & dying plant life, moisture, cooler temps, wind, etc.) stirs up environmental allergens, for both people and pups. The most common are irritants for the eyes and nose, and common symptoms are sneezing & coughing, as well as itching & scratching. If you have kept up with your dog's diet, and your four-legged friend is in good health, then their ability to acclimate to these allergens should happen within a few weeks!

Colder & Cooler

There is a reason why so many people get sick around this time of the year - temperature is just so variable during these weeks! Here in Vancouver especially, the day can start off cloudy & dreary, clear into a fantastically warm afternoon, and then rain in the evening. Just as you always carry an umbrella and extra layer in your bag, you have to be mindful for your dog too. It's a bit harder for them to change clothes! Depending on your dog's size and thickness of coat, investing in dog-friendly sweaters or boots can be useful, especially if you don't want the colder weather to hinder your famous morning walks of the seawall!

Not all Human Treats are Dog Treats

The fall season also means some fun times for us too! Namely, the two biggest holidays coming up are Canadian Thanksgiving and Halloween! As per Canadian culture, autumn spells a ramp up of our intake of hearty, heavy (and delicious) foods & treats. Make sure that your dog doesn't dig into these festive meals as well! Additionally, even though some foods may not technically be harmful to your pup, rich, high-fat foods can still cause stomach problems (think diarrhea - now no one wants that)! Continue feeding your best friend as you have used to, and keep that pumpkin pi on a slightly taller countertop. Additionally, a similar precaution goes for decorations & costumes! Now, I think we can both agree that dogs in Halloween costumes are some of the cutest things around. However, be a little picky when picking their outfit - watch out for small parts or choking hazards that might impair your pup's breathing or hearing. Other than that, we highly recommend dressing up your dog! It's priceless.

Vancouver Fall Dog Care

We hope you have found this piece a little informative, and a little fun! Let this fall season be filled with many quintessential experiences (leaf-pile diving, pumpkin picking, costume contests, etc.). Much love, The GoFetch Health Team