The Top 10 Vancouver Veterinary Hospitals

We’ve put together a list of Vancouver veterinary hospitals that offer an impressively high quality of service. If you don’t already have a vet look no further. Remember, its a great idea to be proactive and  find a vet before you actually need the vet…. Vancouver Vet Selection Criteria? We based our selection on the following […]

The Rising Problem of Obesity in Dogs

The Rising Problem of Obesity in Dogs By: Dr. Jennifer Adolphe, PhD, RD Senior Nutritionist, Petcurean Obesity is a big issue – literally. According to the Canadian Obesity Network, an estimated six million Canadians are obese and may need support to control or manage their weight. What you may not know is that obesity has […]

Raw, Homemade or Commercial Diets: What to Consider When Choosing a Diet for your Pup

Contributed to GoFetch by: Dr. Jennifer Adolphe, PhD, RD Senior Nutritionist, Petcurean As a dog owner, you probably know there is a lot of choice when it comes to pet food. Whether it’s a raw, homemade or commercial diets, we all want to provide our pets with healthy and flavorful food that helps them thrive. But […]

FAQ’s with an Expert

We’ve teamed up with Registered Dietitian Dr. Jennifer Adolphe, Senior Nutritionist at Petcurean Pet Nutrition, to answer some of your most popular questions about your dog’s diet! Have a question for Dr. Adolphe? Get in touch with us at, and we’ll be sure to pass it along. Dr. Jennifer Adolphe, PhD, Companion Animal Nutrition, Registered […]

The Great Grain Debate

Contributed to GoFetch by: Dr. Jennifer Adolphe, PhD, RD Senior Nutritionist, Petcurean There’s a lot of discussion about grains vs. proteins in pet food these days. Over the years, many pet food companies have driven the message that meat proteins are the most important, and that grains are just unnecessary filler. While it’s true that protein […]

DIY Dog Food Recipes – Simple, Nutritious, & Cheap!

Food is one of the main pillars of every culture & society. It is an easy argument to make. At every event, social gathering, there is food. On a daily basis, you make & eat multiple meals. You go out to dinner with friends, sit down with family, or snack away on your next Netflix […]

Exploring the True Great North – Dog Travel Tips

This year is Canada’s 150th Birthday! Well, 1050th birthday if you count it in dog years. That’s a lot of time, and we want to help you make the most of the years ahead. Canada is a global destination for its rich diversity, outdoor majesty, and kind hearted people. We at GoFetch believe that you […]