Yummy Dog-Friendly Dining in Toronto

Exploring all of the great dining options in Toronto is great but exploring them with your dog is even better. Plus, your pooch won’t mind if just a little piece of steak or chicken falls off of your plate. She’s there to clean it up after all. Fortunately, when looking for dog-friendly dining in Toronto, you’re sure to find many cafes and restaurants that welcome four-legged guests. Note that, as with other provinces throughout Canada, Ontario restaurants only allow dogs in outdoor seating areas. So, before heading out to get a bite to eat, check out our list of spots where you can eat right along with Lassie. And, our tips on table manners for your pup.

Local Public Eatery

Looking for dog-friendly dining in Toronto and want to grab some delicious pub grub with your pup? Then look no further than this great spot that features an enormous patio with a retractable roof. Here, outdoors, pooches can dine along with their owners. Head there to 171 East Liberty Street, Unit 100 while enjoying a stroll through the hip Liberty Village neighborhood with your canine companion.

At Local Public Eatery, you’ll find everything from tasty burgers and small plates to share, to full entrees during the week. On the weekends, enjoy their yummy brunch menu. Their selection of craft beers changes regularly, so you’ll always get to try something new. Plus, there’s a bocce ball court outside that you can enjoy with friends as well. Just don’t let your pooch run off with a bocce ball.

The Rhino Restaurant & Bar

Another great spot for dog-friendly dining in Toronto that has one of the largest patios in the area is The Rhino. This quaint spot is located in a historical building located at 1249 Queen Street West, giving it quirky charm and a rustic feel. The outdoor space is unassuming and pups are welcome to hang out with you while you enjoy some of the reasonably-priced fare.

Dishes are a mix of artisan-inspired pub grub and Indian-fusion dishes served in generous portions. Enjoy some of their craft beers that are changed daily while your pooch gets a fresh bowl of water to enjoy table-side. As a bonus, the restaurant supports conservation efforts for rhinos in the wild, making it both pet- and wildlife-friendly.

Jimmy’s Coffee

If you need a caffeine fix, head to Jimmy’s Coffee at 107 Portland Street and other locations throughout Toronto. This store is the original location and offers outdoor seating areas where you can sip your cup of joe with your pooch at your side. It’s a great spot to grab a bite to eat when you’re looking for more casual dog-friendly dining in Toronto. And, you can get a little work done on your laptop with their free wifi while hanging out with Lassie.

Take in the famous “Jimmys” — from Jimmy Hendrix to Jimmy Hoffa — featured on the walls of the shop while you pick out your tasty beverage and peruse their selection of snacks and pastries. Plus, they have a loyalty app available so you can earn points on your purchases.


When searching for dog-friendly dining in Toronto, don’t forget to check out Sassafraz. This upscale eatery serves French-inspired food in historic Yorkville. Located in a picturesque historic Victorian building at 100 Cumberland Street, this hot spot is a favorite of celebs. So, while dining with your pup in the outdoor area, you may just see someone famous faces while watching the elite pass by.

This romantic restaurant is the perfect spot for a sweet dinner with your significant other and your pup too. Enjoy the fabulous wines paired with gourmet menu items for a special night out. And, don’t worry, they’re sure to provide a nice bowl of fresh cool water for your four-legged friend too. Plus, you’ll all be treated to some wonderful live piano music played nightly.


A favorite of hipsters, this cafe and bar is a fantastic stop for a craft beer or cocktail and a bite to eat with your pooch. Located at 815 Bloor Street West, this hot spot is a short walk from dog-friendly Bickford Park. The large patio is comfy for you and your pooch and seating is available next to the railings where you can secure your four-legged companion during your meal.

Note that the drink menu — the main attraction — is larger than the cafe selections. Not in the mood for a spirited beverage? No worries because you can also relax with a cold-brew coffee or tasty tea. Water bowls for canine guests are available upon request. And, you can browse the selections of the adjoining Northwood General Store for unique gifts, clothing and beauty items before or after your meal.

Banknote Bar Corktown

If you’re in the mood for some pub grub or homemade Italian specialties, look no further than Banknote Bar. Their Corktown location at 474 Adelaide Street East allows pups in their outdoor patio area secured outside the railing. Munch on everything from their poutine Parmesan to delicious wood-fired pizza during the week. Or, enjoy their extensive weekend brunch menu.

Most notably, Banknote’s extensive drink menu will tantalize your taste buds with everything from craft beers and wine to their signature mixed drinks. Plus, they have a discounted daily special menu of their fabulous spirits and tasty edibles.

Shore Grill and Grotto

In the mood for tasty Italian fare? Then head to this trendy spot that offers patio seating for you and your pooch. Located at 71 Lakeshore Road East in the Port Credit neighborhood of Mississauga, right outside of Toronto. This trendy spot offers big portions of pizza and pasta dishes. Sip their signature sangria on the patio while your dog laps up some fresh water from a doggy bowl provided by the restaurant. Best yet, the two of you can enjoy some great tunes from the nightly performances by local musicians.

Before or after your meal take a leisurely stroll around Jack Darling Memorial Park. The park offers an off-leash area specifically for dogs where your pooch can frolic to her hearts content.


Sometimes finding upscale dining options can be harder when there’s a four-legged guest with you. Fortunately, this posh pick offers high-quality food and a luxurious atmosphere. Located in Markham, just outside of Toronto at 7501 Woodbine Ave, this elegant eatery offers you everything from tasty Italian seafood and other Italian specialties for lunch and dinner. They also offer a prix fixe menu of their most popular entrees paired with an appetizer and dessert. The patio offers umbrella-covered tables to protect you from the elements and pretty Roman columns that add to the restaurant’s ambiance.

Dog-friendly dining in Toronto.

How to Enjoy Dog-Friendly Dining in Toronto

Before heading off with your pooch to dog-friendly dining restaurants in Toronto, be sure to brush your pup up on her table manners. Now, we’re not talking about her ability to use silverware or eat with her mouth closed. We’re talking about her behavioral manners in restaurants of course!

  • Socialize her with lots of people in an outdoor setting. This way, she won’t be scared by all the new people she’ll meet at the restaurant. Or the people she sees passing by the outdoor seating areas where you’ll be sitting.
  • Have some tasty treats on hand so that she can have a snack too. They’ll also come in handy to reward her for good behavior.
  • Always keep your pup leashed. And, attach that leash to your table, chair or side railing to the patio area where you’re eating. This prevents your pup from wandering off while you enjoy your meal.
  • Bring potty bags to clean up after your pup. It’s the polite and sanitary thing to do.
  • Ask your server for water to keep your pooch hydrated during your meal.

Dog-Friendly Dining in Toronto and More

Finding dog-friendly dining in Toronto is easy, once you know where to look. Check out restaurants with outdoor seating areas, which are more likely to allow dogs. And, even if you’ve eaten there before, don’t forget to call ahead just in case a restaurant’s pet-friendly policies have changed.

If you’re visiting Toronto from out of town with your pooch, check out these dog-friendly accommodations and dog-friendly spots during your trip. And, if you can’t bring your pup out with you to dine, have a caring dog walker or pet sitter from GoFetch take her out to ensure she has a great time while you’re enjoying your meal.

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