Dog-Friendly Shopping in Canada

Your dog is your furry best friend, which is why it’s so awesome to spend time with him. That’s why finding dog-friendly shopping in Canada is so important — so that you can have fun shopping while spending time with your four-legged friend. Plus, it’s a great way to socialize him to all kinds of new sights and smells. Fortunately, Canada loves dogs and pet parents here own over six million of them. This means that there are plenty of dog-friendly shopping options throughout Canada, including shops that cater to canines. If you want to spend a day out shopping or are traveling to a new city, here are some options to visit with your pooch throughout Canada that allow both four-legged and two-legged customers.

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PetSmart Canada

What shopping experience would be complete without a trip to a pet supply store to buy some goodies for your pup? There is no better spot to find dog-friendly shopping in Canada than in a pet store. Throughout Canada, you can stop into your local PetSmart with your pup to see what great new toys will catch his attention. Or, choose a delicious new food or treat for him to indulge in. Even better, you can have your pooch groomed while shopping or even attend a training session offered by the store.

While shopping within the store, remember to keep Rex on a leash and ensure he doesn’t get too excited around all those toys and yummy foods. And, if he’s a very good boy while you shop, stock up on some treats on the way out to reward him.

LUSH Canada

If you love bath and body products made with fresh, natural ingredients, then LUSH Canada is the store for you. Most importantly, it’s the store for you and your pooch because dogs are allowed in LUSH Canada stores across the country. This isn’t a surprise because LUSH products aren’t tested on animals and the company has long advocated against animal testing.

Note that some locations may have rules that differ on canines in stores, so it’s best to call ahead and ensure that your local LUSH location is pet-friendly. Also, because many locations are within malls, check ahead with the mall to ensure that your pooch is allowed within the mall itself.

Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s

Those who love the outdoor lifestyle will enjoy shopping at both Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s. Best of all, your pooch can join you on a trip into these shops to shop for things like hiking, hunting or fishing gear. Not only that, but Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s carry outdoor products for your pooch too. This way, you can try out these products for your furry friend while in the store.

  • Some Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s have restaurants or cafes within the store. Unfortunately, they don’t allow dogs. This is due to health regulations, so don’t plan on dining with your pup.
  • If you prefer, Cabela’s offers kennels indoors and outdoors for your pooch to hang out in while you shop or grab a bite to eat. You’ll need to pay a small deposit for use of the kennel. The fee is refundable when you return the lock for the kennel after getting your pooch. And, kennels are always clean because employees sanitize them between uses.

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Canadian Tire

If you’re looking for dog-friendly shopping in Canada then Canadian Tire stores are a great pet-friendly spot to shop with your dog. These stores carry everything you need for your home, yard and vehicle. You’ll also find a variety of pet supplies including food, treats, dishes and grooming supplies. They even carry dog beds and crates to keep your pooch comfy when he snoozes. Best of all, you can bring along your dog when shopping for these and other supplies. Plus, your pooch may just get a yummy treat at checkout from a friendly sales associate.

Sheridan Nurseries Garden Centre

If you have a green thumb, then Sheridan Nurseries Garden Centre stores are the spot for you. And, they are pet-friendly, so you can bring Rex along too. This horticultural delight is the perfect example of dog-friendly shopping in Canada. Browse through the many annuals, perennials, tropical plants and more with your pup by your side. Best of all, you can research the plants you buy to ensure that they’re pet-friendly and won’t hurt your pup. And being able to see your pooch around all those beautiful blooms is priceless.

Holt Renfrew

Looking for haute couture? Then Holt Renfrew is the place to be. Experience luxurious dog-friendly shopping in Canada right along with your pup. From designer labels to trendy high-end beauty, this store has it all. In business for over 180 years, this Canadian staple also allows four-legged shoppers within its pristine stores. So, take advantage of the valet parking and head to a day of shopping in this upscale dog-friendly shopping spot. Note that dogs must be on a leash or in — what else — a purse when you shop there. While you’re there, shop for a designer purse to tote around petite furry companions or peruse their selection of designer pet products.


Shopping for a favorite book to get lost in is always a fun activity. It’s even better when you can have your furry friend right by your side. Check out the selection of books in your local Indigo-Chapters with your dog. A great example of dog-friendly shopping in Canada that’s available for pet parents, this bookstore offers a wide selection of not only books, but electronics, home goods, bath and beauty products and office supplies too. Note that pups can’t visit the cafes inside the bookstores due to food and safety regulations. But, they can join you while you enjoy a quiet read for a few minutes within the store.

Dog-friendly shopping in Canada is all over the country.

Considerations for Dog-Friendly Shopping in Canada

When out shopping with your dog, there are a few things to consider. Most importantly, ensure your dog is well-behaved during your outdoor adventures. And, if you see your pooch is getting a bit antsy during your shopping trip, take a break and go for a walk to let him burn off a little energy before continuing.

  • Brush your dog up on his manners. For this, you want to teach him basic commands like “Sit,” “Stay,” “Come” and “Leave-it.” These verbal commands allow you to easily control your pup in an instant while you’re out.
  • Keep your dog on a leash while shopping. Most dog-friendly stores in Canada require you to keep your pup leashed. Plus, it’s generally a good idea to keep him safe and controlled in a busy shopping space. After all, you don’t want him wandering off while you peruse the merchandise.
  • Potty train your pup to avoid accidents in public. Also, allow Rex to have a potty break prior to your shopping trip so that he won’t have to go while you’re out. Most importantly, bring along some clean-up bags and paper towels in case an accident does happen.
  • Ensure your pup’s vaccines are up-to-date. That’s because he’ll be exposed to lots of people and other dogs while you shop, so you don’t want him to get sick. Or, to make anyone else sick.

Shopping with your dog is a great way to spend more time with him and get all of your errands done. Fortunately, there are many dog-friendly shops to visit throughout Canada, including some great dog boutiques and farmer’s markets.

Have you visited any dog-friendly shops? Let us know about them in the comments section!

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