What Are The Best Female Dog Names?


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There’s nothing quite like the excitement and joy of bringing home a new puppy or rescue dog. Not only did life just get a lot more cute and cuddly, but your new companion will quickly become an irreplaceable member of the family. Aside from a visit to the vet and all of the important supplies, like food, a collar, and toys, it’s quite likely that the next thing on your mind is choosing a name.

We think male and female pups are both totally a-dog-able, but for this particular post, we’ll be sharing monikers best suited for your sweet, fluffy little girl.

One of the most important aspects of dog ownership is bonding with your pet. By now you’re probably getting to know her personality and noticing unique details about your dog. These are all great jumping off points for coming up with the perfect name. Plus, you may already have a few ideas floating around in your head.

In order to help you focus on having a blast with your new best friend, check out our tips for naming your cute companion, as well as our list of the best female dog names.

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Dog Naming Tips

  • Consider whether you prefer a nickname or a human name for your precious girl. It could be the difference between naming the runt of the litter Pearl or Peanut. Both are great, but one is more commonly associated with people, and the other is a cutesy nickname.
  • Check out her physical features for inspiration. Maybe your dog is spotted, multicoloured, fluffy, tiny, or pleasantly plump. Patches, Ivory, Bertha, Onyx, and Dot are all examples of names that serve double duty.
  • Choose a name your dog will easily recognize. One or two syllables is recommended. For example, Penny may be a better choice for your pup than Penelope.
  • Keep in mind you’ll be saying your pet’s name all the time, so make sure it’s something you enjoy saying and aren’t embarrassed to call out in public. Maybe you loved Sex in the City, but Sarah Jessica Barker is a mouthful and probably something you’ll get tired of saying again and again.
  • Remember not to give your sweetie a name that sounds too similar to basic commands, like sit, stay, no, come, off, down, etc. For example, Faye sounds like stay, Moe sounds like no, and Kit sounds like sit.
  • Look to your dog’s breed, your favourite shows or movies, family names, or other things you enjoy as sources of inspiration for naming your pooch. Frida (Frida Kahlo), Leia (Princess Leia), or Halley (Halley’s Comet) are all unique options that represent your personality as much as your dog’s. Get creative and have fun with it!

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List of the Best Female Dog Names

Choosing a name for your female dog can be overwhelming, especially with the sheer number of choices available. However, we’re confident that with a little help from us and a lot of inspiration from your pet, you’ll decide on the perfect name. To get the ball rolling, we’ve compiled more than 100 exciting names that will be just perfect for your new pup. Happy picking!

  1. Abby
  2. Allie
  3. Angel
  4. Annie
  5. Aria
  6. Athena
  7. Ava
  8. Baby
  9. Bailey
  10. Bella
  11. Belle
  12. Bertha
  13. Blossom
  14. Bonnie
  15. Bonita
  16. Bonsai
  17. Callie
  18. Charlie
  19. Charlotte
  20. Chloe
  21. Cleo
  22. Coco
  23. Cocoa
  24. Cookie
  25. Cora
  26. Cupcake
  27. Dahlia
  28. Daisy
  29. Dakota
  30. Delilah
  31. Diamond
  32. Dixie
  33. Dot
  34. Ella
  35. Ellie
  36. Emma
  37. Evie
  38. Faith
  39. Fifi
  40. Fiona
  41. Fluffy
  42. Frida
  43. Gabby
  44. Gidget
  45. Gigi
  46. Ginger
  47. Goldie
  48. Grace
  49. Gracie
  50. Gypsy
  51. Haiku
  52. Harley
  53. Harper
  54. Hazel
  55. Heidi
  56. Holly
  57. Honey
  58. Iris
  59. Ivory
  60. Ivy
  61. Izzy
  62. Jade
  63. Jasmine
  64. Jazzy
  65. Jewel
  66. Josie
  67. Katie
  68. Kona
  69. Lacey
  70. Lady
  71. Layla
  72. Leia
  73. Lexi
  74. Lily
  75. Lola
  76. Lucy
  77. Lulu
  78. Luna
  79. Macy
  80. Maddie
  81. Maggie
  82. Marley
  83. Maya
  84. Mia
  85. Mila
  86. Millie
  87. Minnie
  88. Missy
  89. Mocha
  90. Molly
  91. Muffin
  92. Nala
  93. Nina
  94. Nora
  95. Nova
  96. Olive
  97. Onyx
  98. Opal
  99. Patches
  100. Peanut
  101. Pearl
  102. Penelope
  103. Penny
  104. Pepper
  105. Phoebe
  106. Piper
  107. Pixie
  108. Princess
  109. Quinn
  110. Riley
  111. Rory
  112. Rosie
  113. Roxie
  114. Ruby
  115. Sadie
  116. Sandy
  117. Sasha
  118. Sassy
  119. Scout
  120. Shadow
  121. Shelby
  122. Snowflake
  123. Sophie
  124. Star
  125. Stella
  126. Sugar
  127. Sydney
  128. Trixie
  129. Violet
  130. Willow
  131. Winnie
  132. Xena
  133. Yoko
  134. Zelda
  135. Zen
  136. Zoe

Well, which name did you decide on? Be sure to share your doggie’s new name in the comments below!



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