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Summer’s almost here, and it’s time for a new doggy do!

We all have our opinions on self-grooming. For some, getting out to a salon is an event – booked days in advance and set reminders for. For others, it’s a means to an end. That scruffy hair was getting too long anyway, kind of day. For your pups however, regular and proper grooming is essential to their wellbeing. Us humans can deal with a bit of fuzz here and there. Our dogs though, well, they require a little extra attention. Finding the right groomer can be tough, so we have gone ahead and compiled a small selection to start from! The following are some of the top Toronto dog groomers, as well as a few locations in the surrounding area. These groomers all have excellent customer feedback, and are staffed by competent professionals who do their utmost to look after your pup. Do your dog a favour, and get them a spring trim! It’s about time anyway. Looking for an awesome groomer but don’t live in Toronto? Check out our previous post for Vancouver!

How to Pick your Dog Groomer

Just like you have your favourite stylist or barber, your dog has preferences too! Albeit, those preferences are more towards comfort and safety rather than style. You’ll love your dog no matter how they look! Regardless, choosing the right groomer for you is an important first step. Outlined below are a things to keep in mind when looking around for a groomer. The Toronto dog groomers in our list passes these checkpoints, so if you’re in a rush, scroll down below!

  • Ask around

Every time a dog leaves the groomer, it is a walking advertisement. Talk to your veterinarian, your neighbour, the person you see everyday at the bus stop. If you see a dog on the street with a style you like, say hello to their human and ask where the dog was groomed! People are usually very willing to talk about their pets, especially their new “do”. Also, do your research! Seeing how you’re reading this, you have already taken the first step.

  • Call them

Stop by the groomer you are interested in, or give them a ring! Ask him/her questions. Some example questions are: Did you go to grooming school or apprentice with a professional groomer? How long have you been grooming? Do you have much experience with (insert your breed here)? Are you a member of any professional grooming organization? While these may seem like a lot, your groomer will probably be happy to answer them! Most groomers are doing what they love, and enjoy talking about their craft. They should have some questions for you too! An ideal groomer would want to give your dog the best care possible, so questions about your dog’s past history, presences, health, etc. should come up in conversation.

  • Be patient

Keep in mind that groomers are usually on an extremely tight schedule. Ask him/her if they would be able to call you back to answer these questions when they have ample time to talk. It’s hard to answer questions while fluff drying a dog! Building rapport with your potential groomer is a good idea, as you might see them more than once! Good first impressions are important on both sides.

  • Trust your Intuition 

Just by asking around you will be able find answers to most of your questions. Beyond that, go visit the grooming location. You can tell a lot about the experience your pup will receiving by viewing other dogs being groomed. A clean, calm shop is usually a good sign! Picking a groomer for the first time can be a complicated decision – they will be handling your family member after all! Trust your gut with the groomer that feels right. If you have a good experience, let your groomer, and your friends, know! Word of mouth is the best way to improve and help grow these businesses.

Top Toronto Dog Groomers

As with all of our lists, the one below is in no particular order. We have selected these groomers based on the criteria above, and from all the positive feedback we’ve read from past customers! Go ahead and take a look – maybe you’ll find your new groomer!

1) Spaw Boutique

Located on 844 Kings Street, Toronto, Spaw is a premier boutique and grooming location. The groomers on hand are professionally trained in safe and hygienic techniques to handle your pup in a loving, humane manner. Committed to high quality service, Spaw groomers frequently attend seminars and specialized classes to keep abreast of current styles, techniques, and equipment! The location is open everyday of the week, and it’s easy to book an appointment online or through a simple phone call. Spaw even has a separate cat-grooming room, for you feline friends out there. We won’t judge. Along with dog grooming, Spaw has a fantastic retail area, sporting the latest in pet fashion and accessories, as well as a strong selection of quality foods and treats. Really a one stop shop!


2) Dee’Tails Dog Grooming

Located on 1264 Bloor Street, Toronto, Dee’Tails is small dog grooming shop located on the West End. As Ontario Certified Dog Groomers, the staff at Dee’Tails are educated to properly groom your beloved dog, and focus on the comfort and care for you and your pup. The mission at ‘Tails is working alongside dogs and their humans, helping them understand how and why regular grooming is important for their pup’s comfort and health. Going beyond the grooming facility, your groomer will work with you to plan a schedule that is manageable. both at home and between visits to Dee’Tails! Dee, the groomer behind Dee’Tails, has been lovingly running the shop since 2012. Her passion and joy comes from meeting new clients and the opportunity to work with dogs everyday. Wanting to be the best fit for you and pup, Dee encourages getting in touch, or having a meet and greet!


3) Pets N Groom

Located 2501 Guelph Line, Burlington, Pets N Groom has been the Number 1 voted groomer in the city for over 20 years! Eda, the owner and head groomer, comes with over 30 years of pet grooming experience, with an extensive background in showing and exhibiting dogs. Pets N Groom was established back in 1996, growing from a full line pet product and grooming store, to presently a full service grooming facility with product sales. The salon has has had over 6,000 good looking pups waltz out the front doors! Pets N Groom specializes in full service grooming, as well as providing self wash service for those that prefer to bath their own pups.  All of the groomers are certified by the NAPGS (National Agency of Pet Grooming Schools). Pets N Groom started out, and remains, a family owned business, and is being carried on by Eda’s children, Stephanie and Jason. As with most dog related services, reviews are everything, and Pets sure does get quite a few of them! If you are in Burlington, or the surrounding area, Pets is something you don’t want to miss.

4) Bark! Grooming Boutique

Located at 2651 Trulls Road, Courtice, Bark is a full service, professional dog grooming salon. Opening its doors in 2012 to serve the local area, Bark was met with overhwelming success and has never looked back. Bark and its staff of groomers understand that these animals are not just your pets but are part of your family, and we treat them as such! With a comfortable and open atmosphere, and friendly staff, it’s easy to trust that your companions will be handled and treated with great love and respect. After all, that is whole motivation behind Bark! Jessica, the owner and pack stylist, has over 14 years of grooming experience, and knows that each dog has it’s own unique and individual needs. From traditional or modern, to just plain practical, Jessica, and her colleagues at Bark, can help you find the style that is most suitable for you and your pup!

5) Yellow Dog Grooming 

Our last groomer on this list is Yellow Dog, located on 73 Wilson Street, Ancaster. Yellow Dog was founded by Vicky, who like yourself, is a fellow dog lover and owner. The store grew out of a lifelong for dogs and the relatively new love for Vicky’s new home of Ancaster. Noticing a need in the city for a good all over, deep down clean, a hearty brush out and a tidy haircut, Vicky knew there was an opportunity to make a change. Yellow Dog was founded on the idea of creating a warm, inviting place within the community where Ancaster ‘s dogs, and their humans, would enjoy visiting to keep their pups skin and coat in tip top condition. The grooming salon is the culmination of  extensive of training, schooling and planning, making Vicky’s vision a reality. At Yellow Dog, you can find a variety of services and options to groom your pup. Safety of your pup is Yellow’s number one priority, and they researched the industry to find grooming equipment and products that have surpassed the highest levels of safety standards, and include only the best ingredients. All groomers at Yellow Dog are Certified in Pet First Aid from Walks’N’Wags Pet First Aid Training – Canada’s most indepth first aid course for pets.


We hope you have found our collection of Top Toronto dog groomers helpful! When looking for a new groomer, keep in the mind the few pointers from the beginning – it never hurts to be an informed pet parent! Do some research, ask a couple questions, and go take a visit. Having regular, and safe grooming, is important for your pup’s health and happiness. You look good when you smell good too! Much love,

– The GoFetch Team



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