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Adopting a dog, especially a puppy, is a serious decision. Vast majority of the time, the cute little fur-ball you welcome home will quickly become a foundational member of the family, bringing with its wagging tail immersible joy and loyalty. For the next decade or more, you will have a friend that will never leave your side. That being said, each dog breed has their own specific temperaments and personalities, and not every breed is suitable for every individual. Choosing the specific kind of dog that will fit into your lifestyle, whether that be an active, outdoorsy one, or a quieter, more urban one, is an important first step. As such, we have put together a collection of Reputable Dog Breeders for the province on Ontario, so that you have a few good starting points!

Curious Puppies – Hamilton


Berry & Leanne started Curious Puppies (CP) in 2007, and has since taken care of many special and hybrid cross breeds. The young family serves as a sort of puppy-layover, providing temporary homes to the little ones before they are adopted into their permanent families. Their own three loving dogs (Buster, Georgia, & Dakota), and two children, help provide a fun yet gentle atmosphere for the puppies as they accustomed to their huge world.

CP creates the space so that visitors can take their time with the pups, giving them the opportunity to determine different personalities and what fits for them. Berry & Leanne understand that taking home a puppy means they will be with you for the next 10-15 years, so they encourage multiple visits before making a choice. What more, CP goes above and beyond and provides each new family with a free video course that shows how to take care of their puppy! It’s fundamentally a manual for your dog, created by Berry & Leanne from over a decade of experience. Currently, CP takes in puppies from breeders around the area, but in the future, they hope to own their own farm and create a free range breeding kennel.

Shiphra German Shepherds – Kingston


Located just off the 401, Shiphra is a small, family based kennel who specializes in quality, not quantity. All the German Shepherds are born and raised at home with continuous human bonding and socializing. Shiphra is with the dogs at every step of the way, from their initial breath, to when they first open their eyes, take their cautious first steps, and their first meal. By raising puppies this way, the breeders get know each puppy’s temperament and disposition. With six children around the house, alongside the breeders and other dogs, each puppy is well socialized early in life.

Shiphra is a kennel that believes raising German Shepherds is more than just a job. The job is training and maintenance, cleaning and upkeep. The passion is the breed; raising intelligent shepherds is the common trait that is shared from all those involved with Shiphra. German Shepherds are very balanced in their drives, meaning that they are quite stable, calm, yet motivated, proving easy to train and a loyal friend for life.

DoodleLane – Cayuga

Super cute puppies


Linda, the owner of DoodleLane, was the first to specialize in breeding Australian Labradoodles, and one of the first to start breeding Goldendoodles, in Ontario. With over 32 years of experience, it is clear that Linda loves what she does, and even though taking care and raising puppies is a 24-7 kind of job, it is one of the most rewarding. Linda believes that every family should have the opportunity to have dog in their lives, and it brings her great joy when she gets to see a family meet their new family member for the first time.

Located on over 6 acres of property outside if Hamilton, and situated right along the Grand River, all of DoodleLane’s dogs get to enjoy hiking along the trails and swimming all summer long.  Today, some would consider Linda’s house to be a small zoo, but she would not have it any other way. The “doodles” have found a very special place in her heart, as they are a lovely tempered dog, extremely loyal & tolerant, making them very family friendly.

Upland Creek – Long Point


Committed to the Welsh Springer Spaniel, Upland Creek is very meticulous about their breeding. Located on a 35 acre farm in the Long Point region of ON, the farm provides ample field and woodland for the Springers to explore and play. What helps distinguish Upland Creek is that they have done their utmost to ensure there are no genetic links between the dog lines. As many illnesses and troubles that show up in a dogs life are genetic in nature, they can be greatly reduced by proper care in the breeding program.

When puppies are first born, they are raised and taken care inside the family home, allowing the pups to become well socialized from early on. When ready, the little Springers are house & crate trained, and quickly become a key member of the household. The Welsh are excellent companions to everyone in the family – they are very much a people dog, and want to be in the middle of each activity! A highly intelligent breed, Springers are easily trained with praise, affection, and consistency.

Bur Hill – Tillsonburg


A small farmstead located just 30 minutes southeast of London, Bur Hill is a breeder of family-friendly Border Collies. In addition to homeschool 4 children, and running a commercial, architectural, and fine art photography business, Bur Hill provides the niche environment for raising pups that make wonderful additions to a family. Each puppy are raised at Bur for at least 8 weeks before they are allowed to go home to a new family, allowing ample time to become well socialized. Wanting only the best for their dogs, Bur Hill makes sure that their pups are going to good homes where they will be happy and taken care of, resulting in a specificity that goes both ways. A detailed questionnaire is mandatory to help ensure that each Collie is going to a proper home.

Border Collies are a very tempered breed, and are wonderful with children, Loyal, loving, affectionate, and quite active, Collies need ample time and exercise to stay healthy. However, they have wonderful and expressive personalities. making each dog trulls unique, and an unforgettable family member.

We hope that these Dog Breeders give you a good starting point when looking to adopt your ideal pup. Remember, taking in a puppy is a serious responsibility, as they take an impressive amount of attention, love, and care to raise. The return, however, is unparalleled – you are fostering a lifelong friendship. Continue to do your research, ask questions, and prepare yourself for a new fur- ball!

With love,

-The GoFetch Team




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