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We’ve put together an awesome list of Vancouver dog spas for you. With all of the hustle and bustle of city life, it is easy to get stressed. Sometimes all you need is a relaxing day in order to rewind & reset. For us humans, that may mean an evening with a good book, a movie, or a day at the spa. Now, seeing how dogs can’t read well, nor are they most avid film goers, a day at the spa sounds like a pawsitive fit! The following Vancouver Dog Spas and Groomers go above and beyond to insure a comfortable environment for your pup. Not only that, but your dog will walk out with their head and tail held high, looking and feeling like a brand new dog.

As with all of our lists, the following is in no particular order. Looking for a few accessories to go with the new furry hairdo? Check out our previous post on some awesome dog boutiques for a few ideas!

Top 5 Vancouver Dog Spas

1) Paw Prints Grooming Salon

Located at 2635 W 4th, in the heart of Kitsilano, Paw Prints has proudly served over 45,000 furry friends. They have this handy counter on their website to keep track. Very impressive! The mission at Paw Prints is to keep Vancouver dogs looking fresh and styling all while doing it in a matter where the dog is less stressed. The staff focus on the furry clientele, giving breaks between their work, and don’t rush their family members. Jenny, the owner, has been passionate about animals her entire life, working with rescue organizations for years. With Paw Prints, Jenny is still able to help out the animal community, hand in paw. Creating an environment where people can trust to leave their pets, and where each dog can leave happy, is a dream come true.


2) Dashing Dawgs Grooming & Boutique

Located nearby the gorgeous Coal Harbor, at 561 Cardero Street, Dashing Dawgs is a community minded, family owned pet & grooming store. The goal at Dawgs is to educate and help enrich the lives and well-being of your dogs and cats through proper care, grooming and nutrition. The staff at Dawgs is committed to help owners like yourself to find the best groom for your dog. Dashing believes, and as most you already know, a healthy, well-rounded dog is a happy dog! In addition to a fantastic grooming service, in the store, you will find nutritional, premium foods from the best natural food suppliers. Dashing is basically a one stop shop for you and your pup.


3) Spa Dog – Organic Dog Spa 

Located a stones throw away from Trout Lake, at 3471 Commercial Street, Spa Dog is Vancouver’s first organic dog grooming studio. Founded by Adam & Hilary, Spa Dog stemmed from their own love of Mother Nature, the great outdoors, and animal rights. The boutique and grooming studio allows the two founders the perfect opportunity to work with the animals they love, while offering top notch service to their customers.

The focus at Spa Dog is to create as small of an impact on the planet as possible, and also to educate people in ways they can help too! The spa allows for dialogue and action, simultaneously focusing on the the health of your pet and lessening their environmental impact through sustainable business practices. As a customer, it is easy to trust the two owners, as they have built their reputation through kindness and gentle handling techniques while grooming your pet. Also being fellow tree huggers and health nuts doesn’t hurt!

Bernese Mountain Dog After Grooming
Eager For Spa Treatment!
Loving being loved

4) Bark Avenue Grooming & Bath 

Located at 114 3rd Street, Bark Avenue aims to provide the best service possible. Akin to the motivation behind this post, they understand that when you look good, you feel amazing. The same is for your dog! At Bark, your furry canine friends receive top notch treatment, just like when you see your favorite stylist. The staff at Bark are (almost) overly friendly, and use all natural shampoos and conditioners. You are able to leave your pup with confidence, knowing that they are in the hands of a trained and certified groomer, using branding new, state of the art grooming equipment. If you prefer to pamper your pup yourself, however, Bark also offers self-service stations! These express stations are drop-in friendly, and you’re welcome all throughout the day. How convenient!


5) Rover’s Return Dog Grooming

For our last groomer on this list, we have Rover’s Return, located at 1064 Davie Street. Even though Rover was only founded in 2012, Elaine, the owner, has been grooming and bathing dogs since she was just 19 years old! Elaine started her grooming career in London, England, and apprenticed back here in Vancouver for many years. Since then, she has founded and owned My Dog Spot, and Davie Village Groomer. After taking a travel hiatus in 2007, Elaine came back to Vancity and opened the doors to Rover. Here, you can be sure that your furry friends are getting some of the best, one on one grooming care in the city. The staff are very gentle and hand dry all their pups, and do their utmost to accommodate all the different needs that each individual dog may have!

Uh oh, I lost my coat!


We hope you have enjoyed our collection of Vancouver Dog Spas and Groomers! Have a favorite place that we didn’t mention? Let us know and we’ll make sure to update our post! Much love,

– The GoFetch Team



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