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Ah, the dentist. One of the few things in this world that strikes the perfect mental balance – you know why it is important, but that doesn’t make you like it anymore than burnt kale. Shudder. Oral care & hygiene is vital for a healthy life. Think about it, on a day to day basis, how often are you using those pearly whites? Don’t think too hard, you use them quite a bit. From eating scrumptious food, to talking with a friend. to smiling wide for that selfie, having well taken care of teeth is a staple. So why should it be any different for your dog? If anything, they need their teeth to be in tip-top shape more than you! This sentiment is shared, albeit in a more professional manner, by the following Ontario Dog Dentists.

We picked these Ontario do dentists based on the following criteria. You can template this criteria for other regions as well.

How To Pick Your Dog Dentist?

    1. Education – all of these dentists have a strong educational background where they learned to care for dogs teeth.
    2. Professional Dog Dentist Facility – These Ontario dog dentists have great facilities to take care of your dog with all of the required equipment to ensure the highest quality of care.
    3. Experience In Dog Dentistry – Its important to have hands on experience when it comes to taking care of a dogs teeth. This will help to ensure your dog has the best experience possible while at the dentist.
    4. Love Of dogs – We believe that if you don’t love dogs you probably shouldn’t be caring for them – this was a prerequisite to make the list!

There are quite a few veterinary clinics & hospitals that provide dental care, but there is something to be said for a smaller location that can look after your pup, one on one. For an expanded list of Toronto’s Best Veterinary Hospitals check out that post. The following list, however, is in no particular order, and we encourage you to give these clinics a ring if you have any specific questions!

1) Hale Veterinary Clinic – Guelph

Located at 159 Fife Road, Hale Veterinary Clinic is lead by Dr. Fraser Hale, DVM, FAVD, Dipl AVDC. All those funky letters after Dr. Hale’s name means that he is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Fellow of the Academy of Veterinary Dentistry, & Diplomate of the American Veterinary Dental College. With over 26 years of experience in treating dental problems in animals, Dr. Hale is at the forefront of oral care. The clinic was the very first in specializing completely in dental and oral surgery (there is now another such speciality clinic in Vancouver), opening its doors in 2003. In order to actually visit Dr. Hale, you should obtain a referral from your regular veterinarian. After Dr. Hale has reviewed your pet and their history, an appointment is made.


Now that sounds like a lot of steps, but rest assured that your dog will be getting the very best of care. Hale Veterinary Clinic has a small but extremely talented and dedicated staff of technicians, dental residents, & executive assistants. The staff understand that early detection and treatment of dental & oral problems is vital. Not only can it save teeth, but it can also dramatically improve the quality of life. Just to name a few of the services offered, Hale provides Oral Examination, Periodontics, Endodontics, & Restorations,, as well as 8 more not listed here. Over time, competition & natural selection have “taught” dogs to carry on bravely and keep on eating, despite the pain. Dental pain in pets, however, is very real, and Dr. Hale’s #1 priority is always to provide and maintain a mouth free of pain & infection/inflammation.

2) Animal Dental Care – Guelph

Located at 1460 Gordon Street, Animal Dental Care is lead by Dr. Ian J. Haws, DVM, FAVD, Dipl AVDC. For a little background, Dr. Haws has been working in animal private practice since 1986, in BC and ON. From 1996, Dr. Haws pursued his special interest in veterinary dentistry, and was the Head of Dentistry Service at the Ontario Veterinary College for over 13 years. In November of 2012, Dr. Haws helped found Guelph’s first veterinary multi-speciality private practice. Similar to Hale, you will need a referral from your regular veterinarian in order to visit Dr. Haws.


Animal Dental Care offers a full range of dental and oral surgery services. Dr. Haws and his select staff perform professional dental cleanings and assessments, in addition to more advanced procedures such as periodontal flap surgeries, complicated extractions, palatal defect repairs, maxillary / mandibular fracture repairs, and so on. Dr. Haws is joined by Jennifer Deeks, a registered Veterinary Technician with over 16 years of experience, and has been with Animal Dental Care since day one. Completing the trio, there is Natalie Mashtaler, who graduated with distinction from the Veterinary Technology program at the University of Guelph in 2013, and has been with the clinic soon thereafter.

3) North Animal Hospital – London

Located at 735 Wonderland Road, North Animal Hospital is the largest clinic in our collection. Heading the location is Dr. Jennifer Hopper & Dr. Gillian Finnie. The hospital strives to offer only the best best in medical and surgical care possible for your pet. While North Animal Hospital has a very wide berth when it comes to services, their dentistry offers a good starting point for dog owners. The sad news, however, is that according to the American Veterinary Dental Society, close to 80% of dogs have some sort of dental disease by the age of 3.


Commons signs of dental disease are yellow or brown buildup (tartar) on the teeth, red, swollen, or bleeding gums, excessive drooling, pawing at the face, loose teeth, and changes in eating or chewing habits. Now all of those sounds terrible, that’s why North Animal Hospital recommends that you have a veterinarian evaluate your pet at least once per year. Being aware of what to look for is sometimes half the battle, and the learning opportunity is exists for you, the owner, to become more aware. The wonderful staff at North Animal Hospital are happy to show you how to properly brush your dog’s teeth. Additionally, they are quite knowledgable on good food and treats that help combat plaque and tartar buildup.

4) Weldrick Animal Hospital – Richmond

Located at 9580 Yonge Street, Weldrick Animal Hospital was founded by Dr. Sergiy Dairy. Apart from having a fantastic last name, Dr. Dairy received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from St. Petersburg Veterinary institute in 1992, and developed extensive experience in medicine and surgery at a high technology multi-doctor practice in Texas. Dr. Dairy has also worked as a Senior Research Scientist in Medical and Animal Laboratories in leading research facilities across France, Germany, Ukraine and the US. His goal is to give all pets that extra care and attention they are worthy of, and specializes in creating a unique bond between his patients and their owners.


What sets apart Weldrick from the others in this list is their heavy investment in technology. A consequence of Dr. Dairy’s experience, his animal hospital sprouts the latest in video medicine, radio surgery, electrocardiography, as well as having their own in-house laboratory. This means significantly less wait times when determining the appropriate therapy for your pup. Dr. Dairy is joined at his clinic by two experienced veterinary technicians and dedicated volunteer.

5) Yonge Street Animal Hospital – Toronto

Located at 2722 Yonge Street,this Toronto clinic has been providing veterinary services to the community for almost 100 years! Yonge Street Animal Hospital first opened its doors in 1937, under the careful and experienced eye of Dr. J.A. Campbell, when it known was the Campbell Animal Hospital. Since 1996, Yonge Street has been operated by Dr. Michael Belovich, a graduate of Carleton University & the Ontario Veterinary College. Dr. Belovich is a frequent guest on Animal Housecalls and Animal Plant. In addition to Dr. Belovich, the Yonge Street Animal Hospital team also includes Dr. Crozier, groomer and associate technician Ali Solman (who has been Yonge since 1996), technicians, client care associates, Jeffrey the resident clinic cat, as well as “Kate” and “Pipa” the gerbils.


Whilst a small location, Yonge Street, like North Animal Hospital, provides a wide range of veterinary services. Pet Dentistry is one of those offered, and they do quite a good job. Dr. Belovich fully understands the importance of having healthy set of teeth. While us humans primarily depend on strong teeth for eating, for dogs, teeth also facilitate grooming, interaction, and other activities. They are the dogs’ “hands”. While regularly brushing your best furry friend’s teeth is optimal, complications can still arise. This is where Yonge Street Animal Hospital comes into play. Not many places can boast almost a century of excellent service, and Yonge is committed to keep that streak going.

We hope that this collection of Ontario Dog Dentists has proved useful. There are many other excellent clinics that we didn’t include, so please, do some research to find the one that works best for you and your pup! The clinics above are small and have a lot of experience underneath their collective belts. They all work hard making sure to provide the best, individual care, for your pup. For some more useful reading, check out our previous post on how to keep your pup squeaky clean! Much love,

– The GoFetch Team



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