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Edmonton is a stunning expanse of rolling hills and wide open spaces. A place where you can see yourself, and your dog, running on forever. At least it feels like forever – there are over 40 Edmonton dog parks to choose from! While city regulations asks to keep your dog on leash within the urban areas, you are never too far away from these pockets of fun. We have selected a mix of popular parks and trails, as well as a few you may not have heard of or been to! With so many parks, get out there and explore! Try something new, you and your pup, will be better for it. Looking for dog friendly parks but don’t live in Edmonton? Check out our previous posts for Calgary, Vancouver, Victoria & Toronto.

Spring Time Safety in Edmonton Dog Parks

Many of Edmonton’s off-leash parks include access to water, including the river, creeks and stormwater ponds. In the spring, melting snow and ice and fast currents can make these areas potentially hazardous. Here are some things you can do to protect yourself and your dog while enjoying these off-leash areas:

  1. Ensure your dog obeys your voice commands
  2. Be aware of your surroundings
  3. Keep your dog in sight at all times
  4. Avoid hazards such as thin ice, high water levels, drainage infrastructure and closed trails
  5. If necessary, keep your dog on a leash around water during spring thaw

If you would like to learn more about Ice Safety, you can read more about it here. Similar to most dog parks across Canada, there a few rules to follow when meandering through these parks. The following etiquette is to ensure that everyone gets to enjoy the open spaces!

  • Make sure your dog is wearing a current licence tag on their collar (learn more on how to license your dog for Edmonton, AB here)
  • Make sure your dog has been vaccinated
  • Pick up what your dog is putting down – bring doggy bags & dispose of waste in a garbage can
  • Do not allow your dog to dig holes in a City park – if they do dig, please fill them up afterwards
  • Do not let your dog jump up on people
  • Ensure you have control of your dog at all times, both on and off-leash

Edmonton Dog Parks – Map Overview

There are over 40 dog parks scattered throughout the city. The map below shows the approximate location for each one! In this post, we have outlined just 8 of these parks – some may be your favourite, some you may not have heard of. Regardless, one thing is clear, you are spoiled for choice, so go on and get out!

1) Terwillegar Park

Easily one of Edmonton’s most beloved dog park, and outdoor space in general. The park is roughly 5km around the perimeter, making it a perfect walk around the river. There is an abundance off trails and a spattering of “lakes” that your pups can cool off in if swimming in flowing water isn’t their favourite. During low tide however, the river recedes and reveals a 200m long beach that can be explored. Additionally, there is a sprawling field in the middle where your dogs are free to run and play!

The trails at Terwillegar range from neatly trimmed, clear paths, to ones with a plethora of roots and rocks. The only downside to Terwillegar is the parking – with all these wonderful features and play areas, it is no surprise that it gets busy! When it starts getting warm out, it’ll help to be an early riser.

2) Buena Vista Park

The name really says it all – this is another location that ranks with the best Edmonton dog parks. Like Terwillegar, there park offers a great variety of elements. From wide paved paths to winding forest trails, lots of river valleys and access to the water, your dog is sure to have a blast. Additionally, there is a wide open field of playing and socializing (maybe you’ll make a new friend too)! The City has also brought in a small collection of port-a-potties, for those forgetful humans. Due to the popularity, the park usually runs out of their free doggy bags, so make sure to bring your own!

3) Jackie Parker Park 

A local favourite, Jackie Parker, as a whole, a sprawling recreation area. For the humans, there is large water spray park, some rock climbing, as well as an intricate playground! As for the off-leash area of Jackie Parker, the area is known for its forest walking trails that outline the perimeter of the park. The trails forms a figure-8, and takes you throughout the area. Benches and garbage cans are well scattered throughout the park, so it’s easy to pick up after your pup. There is a community notice board for local postings, as well as little free library, where you can take a book & leave a book. If you visit near Christmas time, you might even find a few of the trees decorated and lit up! Jackie Parker is among the Edmonton dog parks that everyone can enjoy, children included.

4) Mill Creek Ravine

This area specializes in walking trails and pathways – all are wonderfully dog friendly! The maze of winding paths makes it a joy to explore day after day, with bridges and crossways at different levels. When walking through Mill Creek, it’s often easy to forget that you are in an urban setting. The trees are such and there is a soft creek that runs throughout the area. The only thing to know before heading in is that it is a hotspot for mosquitoes during the summer months. During the winter though, along with other Edmonton dog parks, is a snowy playland!

5) Hermitage Park

Hermitage Park truly is an outdoor lovers’ paradise. The paved trail that runs through it is perfect for biking, hiking, and rollerblading. Dog lovers, and their humans have tons of space in off-leash area. One of the best perks of this Edmonton dog park is how quiet it can be. While the park is multi-use, it is not as popular as other parks in the city. Hermitage can get a little busy during the weekends, however during the week, you’ll have the park to yourself! The local go-to is quite picturesque, with several man-made lakes, including one stocked with fish. If you head there often, you’ll start seeing some familiar faces. There are ample garbage cans situated along the path, along with benches and picnic tables. Parking is fairly good too!

6) Capilano Hiking Trail

The Capilano Trail & Park south side of the river, at the end of 50 Street. It provides a jumping-off point for cross country skiers in the winter, or trail users in the spring, fall and winter. Capilano, Goldbar and Riverside hiking trails all run parallel to the river and are designated off leash areas! The wonderful, winding walk takes you around almost the entire boundary of Capilano Park. While the trails are fairly well defined, the ample elevation change will sure to get you heart pumping!

7) Patricia Ravine Hiking Trail

Possibly the smallest park & trail on our list, Patricia Ravine is a hidden gem. The park contains a gravel hiking trail which allows pups to be off-leash for most of the premises. The trail itself is about 2km long in total and goes from Whitemud Drive along to the river. We recommend that you make this one stop of many during your day, and the trail ends unfortunately quickly. However, during your walk, you’ll pass wonderfully tall and lush trees, and during the fall, the colours are vibrant and plentiful.

8) Belgravia Park

Belgravia is one of dozen or so Edmonton dog parks that many folks may not know about unless they are specifically seeking it out. The park’s off leash area is located in the community of Belgravia and along Saskatchewan Drive, hence the name. The park is a long narrow stretch, with beautiful views of the river valley. From one of the lookout spots, you can relax on one of the benches and look out over the Equine Centre, Fox Drive, the Valley Zoo and more! As Belgravia is not very well known, the park is fairly empty on most days, so you can your pup can have the whole place to yourself!

We hope you have found our list of Edmonton Dog Parks useful! The locations above are all the places where the city allows your pup to roam off-leash. This post only described 8 out of the 40+, so there are many left out there! Having ample time to run and play is essential for your dog’s health and happiness, so make sure to get them out there. Maybe you’ll make a new friend as well, who knowns? It’ll just be a walk in the park! Much love,

– The GoFetch Team



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