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Not only can food be delicious, it is an important vector towards our own health and happiness. Most of us make consciousness decisions when it comes to food, and some of those reasons are environmental and ethical in nature. Needless to say, a lot of thought goes into choosing what goes into our bodies, even if it is just for a snack. Keeping that in mind, shouldn’t the same be offered to your best friend? We at GoFetch believe so, and as such, the following Canadian Dog Treats treats are 100% from the true great North, including ingredients and manufacturing. Wondering where to find these excellent little goodies? Make sure to check out our previous post on a few excellent Dog Boutiques! They are sure to stock the following.

Puppy Love Pet Products


With over 50 years of combined experience in the world of quality control and meat processing, Puppy Love Pet Products owners David and Martin are nothing short of the dream team! “Our goal [is to] provide a competitive, all natural, quality assured, 100% Canadian solution from human grade sources,” say the co-founders. You can be sure that you’re rewarding every paw shake, sit, and roll-over with a treat that is completely free of additives and preservatives. That’s their guarantee! Puppy Love Pet Products are available in select retail locations across Canada, offering a unique selection of treats, chews, and more.

Treats Happen


In search of an all-natural, single-ingredient dog treat for their Boxers, Riley and Lucas started making dog treats at home. Soon after, Treats Happen was born! Now available for purchase online and in retail locations across the country, this Canadian company crafts wonderfully packaged snacks for your pup in a variety of forms. Unique meat-free options, such as their popular Crunchy Sweet Potato Dog Treats, are also on the menu! Treats Happen offers something extra special for you French Bulldog and Boxer parents! Specially tailored treat collections for these lucky breeds are available online. But hurry! They’re limited edition. We can’t wait to see what these Canadian dog heroes whip up next! Drooling (more than usual) already.

Nothing Added


As the name suggests, Nothing Added offers a diverse selection of pure land-and-sea goodness. Whether your pup’s pallet pertains to salmon, beef ears, or beyond, these treat makers have you covered. Nothing Added products are available both online and in a plethora of retail locations all across Canada. See the store locator on their site to find a retailer near you, and pick up something special for your pup today! We guarantee you’ll be thanked with the slobberiest of kisses, and waggiest of tails.

Hero Dog Treats


Founded by military veteran Leendert Bolle, Hero Dog Treats was created with the mission of providing service dogs overseas with safe, healthy, and all-natural treats. Their wide variety of wholesome treats have dogs drooling from coast to coast. But beyond their selection of bully sticks, antler chews, and plenty of other single-ingredient meat products, Hero Dog Treats engages with the Canadian Military community like no other. Supporting the Canadian Service Dog Foundation, employing veterans, and contracting Community Living personnel are just some of the ways that this dedicated treat-making team has committed to giving back to our Canadian heroes – both human and canine.



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