Canada’s Funniest Snapchat Dogs

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Once in a while, you chance upon some of those perfect combinations. Peanut butter and jelly. Sunny days and a frisbee. A cup of tea and a good book. Ten second Snapchat photos of dogs caught in the act of being absolutely ridiculous. We at GoFetch are a tad partial to that last one (obviously), and may have had a free moment or two at the office today. Get ready for a some good laughs, as we have put together a list of Canada’s funniest snapchat dogs. If you enjoy creative and fun images of dogs, make sure check our our previous post on Amazing Canadian Dog Photographers.

Canada’s Funniest Snapchat Dogs

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Hopefully you enjoyed looking through these images of Canada’s funniest snapchat dogs, I know we had fun making the list! Now, time to get back to work. Check out the rest of our blog for related (and likely more informative) posts about all things dog. Much love,

– The GoFetch Team



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