Canada’s Top 10 Favourite Dogs on Instagram

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If you are like me, then Instagram is the go-to when you want to see what is going on in the lives of your friends and family. It’s also where you can explore what’s going on with famous figures, photographers, various artists, companies, and of course, overly cute dogs. On that note, the following are what we at GoFetch consider to be Canada’s top 10 Favourite Dogs on Instagram. Most likely, they are thoroughly thrashing your own follower count (don’t feel too salty, we can’t all be so cute), but can you blame them? Add a few of these to your feed and trust me, each day will now be sprinkled with happiness and derpiness. Enjoy!

– andrewknapp

Adventure along with Momo the Border Collie and his favourite human as they travel and get up to all kinds of shenanigans & shindigs. A local from Sudbury, ON, Andrew (Momo’s muse), is an avid storyteller and photographer – and let me tell you, the photography behind this account is absolutely top notch. If you’ve ever spent time behind a camera, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Beautiful composition and carefully sculpted imagery makes this page 100% worthy of its impressive 600k follower count. Do yourself a favor, go find Momo and let him find his way to your heart!


– tibbythecorgi

Make sure you’re sitting down before you open this account – I doubt you’ve seen a cuter corgi than Tibby. Follow Tibby’s day to day as she tumbles, rolls, and waltzes her way around Toronto, into your feed, and into your very soul. Really, I can’t over exaggerate how incredibly adorable Tibby is – please please please go take a look. You won’t be sorry.


True Love Is Sharing Desserts 😘🍦🍧🍨🎂 #AskYouBaeIfTheyWouldShareWithYou #ItsRealOrNah

A post shared by Tibby Tibbles (@tibbythecorgi) on


– deanthebasset

Long floppy ears and a lovable face, Dean is a 3 year old basset that makes himself known around Toronto. His energy and personality is infectious, and looks to be 100% content with the world 100% of the time – I need to ask him for his secret to internal peace and happiness. With over 188k followers, Dean will provide you with daily dose of droopy dog cuteness



– toby_littledude

Do you like little dogs? How about little dogs with a quirky attitude? How about a little dog, with a quirky attitude, that has the utmost patience dressed up and looking like the fashionable hipster you, deep down, always wanted to become? Toby, a local Vancouverite, is a bite-sized Maltese, & has got you covered for all of the above and more. Explore with Toby as he makes day-to-day activities look like the best thing there is, and add some joy to your life. Maybe pick up a fashion trend or two on the way. He is probably better looking that you anyway.


Girl, do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk by again? @opushotel

A post shared by Toby LittleDude™ (Tobes) (@toby_littledude) on

– pugdonut

Pugs are the kind of dog that you just can’t help but smile at. A little ridiculous, a little rambunctious, and a little too much fun. Full of strife, Donut is the most famous pug in Vancouver, and it’s pretty clear why. His no nonsense attitude sets the stage for some fantastic, up front comedy. Good thing Donut’s sense of humour is shared by his human! Be like Donut, and live by his motto: Eat. Sleep. Poop. Repeat.


– mrbentley_thedog

Get ready to fly high with this English Bulldog – Mr. Bentley has a life that most humans would be envious of. British Columbia is already gorgeous from the viewpoint of a regular person, but take the viewpoint 2000m into the air, strap on a pair of doggy goggles, and boy, do you have an exceptional experience coming your way. When Bentley is not being a helicopter co-pilot, he is busy doing what any star bulldog would do – wooing over the crowds as we walks through downtown, and always being ready for a belly rub when it comes his way. With over 74k followers, keep on doing you, Mr. Bentley, and stay safe up there!


– bella_theshibainu

At only 4 years old, Bella is a Shiba that you can relate to. Half the posts are exploring the wondrous Vancouver outdoors, and the other half is tucked away underneath the sheets (a perfect combo, if you ask me). While Bella may have a smaller following than the other accounts on our list, she is no less fun to have on your feed. There is a great balance, and Bella isn’t afraid to show all aspects of her wondrous personality!


When cheese is begging for you to eat it

A post shared by Bella The Shiba Inu (@bella_theshibainu) on

– cocobups

A gorgeous blend of majesty and derpy fun, Tacoma is a recuse malamute husky that calls Vancouver his home. A silly pup at heart, Tacoma does have his cinematic moments, with an equal dose of lovable furball in between. With his playful attitude, and almost eerily photogenic (really though, try to find a bad photo of this husky) – Tacoma is sure to become one of the highlights of your day!


❄️☃️ When your human is building a ginormous snowman and you want to help. 😆 #snowmageddon . .

A post shared by tacoma the malamute husky x (@cocobups) on

– hermaninthehood

Maltese-Yorkshire Terriers are already cute to begin with, but throw on a custom made hoodie and stand in front of a colourful backdrop, bam, recipe for success and an overload on your adorableness meter. Herman is a dog model, a true fashionista, dressing to the nines on a daily basis and making you look like you just got out of bed. His collection ofhoodies is seemingly endless, and I have yet to see a style that doesn’t suit Herman. Make sure to give this little guy a follow, you wont be sorry.


Sunday Funday in my hood 🚙🐶#dogsincars #hermaninthehood

A post shared by Herman | Dog Model (@hermaninthehood) on

– lokistagram

We shall end this list with a true superstar – if you have not already been following this page since day one, I don’t know how you’ve been spending your time. Loki, during his short yet wonderful life, quickly rose to be the world’s most popular and loved corgi. His sheer joy and excitement for the world was conveyed so easily through his human’s photographs, you couldn’t help but smile at each one. Sadly, Loki passed away from this world, and now spends his time running through the endless fields and playing all of his favorite toys in doggy paradise. While the gap left by Loki can never be filled, Bear, a 5 year old adopted Samoyed, is the newest member of the family, and brings with him his own kind of furry, fuzzy love.

    Top 10 Favourite Dog Instagrams Canada

Training HARD for the next Olympics!

A post shared by Loki (& Bear) (@lokistagram) on

We hope you have enjoyed the GoFetch collection of Canada’s Top 10 Favourite Dogs on Instagram! If you have a particular dog Instagram that you like, comment below and we’ll make sure to add it to our list!

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