Top 5 Dog Friendly Cafés – Ontario

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Grabbing a coffee with a friend is one those casual, daily things, and most often, it’s a good time. Not being able to bring your best friend with you though, not a good time. In an effort to enable you to treat your dogs with as much love and attention that they give you, these following Dog Friendly Cafés have gone above and beyond to make sure that no dog is left behind!

Tom & Sawyer – Toronto

Tom & Sawyer Cafe

Open, bright, & inviting are the first words that come to mind when you visit Tom & Sawyer, located on 1247 Queen St. Self-described as a “Dog Cafe, where humans are allowed,” the cafe proudly treats dogs like they are meant to – as loving members of the family. As such, Tom & Sawyer focus on creating fresh, healthy meals, gently cooking all of their food so that you can feel confident about what you are feeding to best friend. They also find the time to make a mean cup of coffee, serving it to you from their modern open kitchen, and into their full pet lounge.

Odin Cafe – Toronto


When you first walk into Odin, the initial impression is not of a coffee shop. Rather, the compact yet functional cafe, located at 514 King St, resembles a modern art gallery, or an architectural concept. The sharp lines and modular layout gives you an incredibly open and lofty feel, while the ample amount of natural light creates a comfortable atmosphere. The delicious coffee and baked goods they serve is just a plus at this point. During the warmer months (yes, they are coming), there is a lovely 15 seat patio for you and your dog. If you think this is all too good to be true, just come back in the evening. Odin becomes a nigh time hub for the local community, serving craft beers and wine wine. You’ll be happy you went.

Merchants of Green Coffee – Toronto

Located at 2 Matilda St, inside of a historic jam factory, Merchants of Green Coffee is a reprise from steel & glass of Toronto. Coffee lovers are met with wisps of rising steam, sounds of crackling beans, with the air carrying  warm aromas of freshly roasted and ground coffee. Merchants Coffee is as much about a good cup as it is about education, with a plethora of events aimed at spreading knowledge of the craft, as well was roasting demonstrations every Saturday, 9-5 pm. Stop by, bring a good book, and your best friend – rumour has it the friendly people behind the counter will even hand you a few dog treats if you ask!

Munchies Coffee House & Barkery – Hamilton


The cafe that lets your furry friend roam inside & out, Munchies Coffee House & Barkery opened its doors in 2012, but back then it was for people only. However, just a year later, Munchies got the green light, and now allows all kinds of furry friends! Your dogs are free to come inside and socialize with the other patron, fellow four legged fluff balls, and enjoy a nice lunch out. There are even sharable cakes for you and your dog, made out of apple, cinnamon, carrots, and sweet potato. Now isn’t that just the sweetest! One of the first of its kind in Hamilton, the community can’t say enough good things about Munchies, as it has become a hub for dog lovers in the area since day one.

My Dog’s Cafe & Bar – Hamilton


Sadly, this is our last cafe of the list, however, it is another established that lets dog have (almost) full run of the place is! My Dog’s Cafe & Bar is located at 229 Locke St, and proudly allows our better halves to waltz on in and enjoy the cafe. It is a local favourite for dog owners after their trip to the dog park, or post-morning walk. The cafe is a perfect place to bring your dog to help cross those awkward moments on date night, catch up with a few friends, and also let your own dog show off their own social skills. Don’t have a dog? Come enjoy the company’s of someone else’s!

Have a favourite Dog Friendly Cafés that we missed? Comment below and we’ll make sure to update our list! In meantime, go and get out with your pooch & continue to fuel your coffee addiction.

-The GoFetch Team




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