Meet & Greets 101: How To Facilitate An Awesome Meetup

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Meet & Greets that go well are fun, you get to meet an awesome dog and hang out with them. It’s also an important discovery opportunity for owners and sitters to determine the quality of the match. We’ve put together a guide for you to help walk you through the perfect Meet & Greet!

General Etiquette

Timeliness: Communicating well with respect to the time and location of the Meet & Greet is important. After a time has been scheduled be sure to arrive a few min early to ensure you don’t keep the other party waiting.

Talk To The Owner: We all love dogs, but don’t forget to introduce yourself to the owner first!

Treats: Dogs love treats and bringing treats to a Meet & Greet can be a great way to break the ice with a new dog! Of course, you should always ask a dog owner before you consider sharing these treats. Most owners will say yes at which point the dog should fall under your treat spell.

Where and When to Meet

Picking A time: Many owners are busy professionals and it’s best to give them two or three options for times to meet. Ideally one of them would be after work hours Mon-Fri, and a weekend option is always good too.

Choose A Neutral Meeting Location: This is particularly relevant if you have a dog or other animal in your home. Neutral locations are great as this can help to reduce tension in the initial meeting. If you are meeting at a home it’s better to introduce two dogs on the sidewalk rather than in the doorway of the house.

Pick A Dog Friendly Place

We all know that dogs need exercise and a Meet & Greet is a great opportunity for this. If you have a chance, meeting at an park is an ideal way to get to know a dog.

Go For A Walk

Going for a walk is helpful because it will help to gauge if you can handle the dog. Additionally, you’ll learn about where the dog likes to go potty and how they react in a variety of environments on the walk.

Meet & Greets In Your Home

Clean & Dog Proof: Be sure your house is tidy and dog proof. There should be no food lying around or other items that a dog could choke on. Remember behavior varies widely between dog breeds and just because your dog doesn’t each chocolate cake on the chair doesn’t mean the visitor won’t!

Tour: Dog owners love to know where their dog will sleep as well as where they will be kept if you leave the house.

Confirm If There Will Be Other Dogs Or Animals: If you have cats or any other animals in the home be sure to mention these to the owner. Additionally, if you will be or might be hosting other dogs during the stay, be sure to mention this.

Meet & Greets At Pet Owners Home

Tour The House: Be sure to ask where the owner keeps food, favourite toys, etc. If you are going to be staying at the home you’ll want to know about key access, where to sleep, and how to best care for the home.

At The End Of The Meet & Greet

  • If It’s a good Match Tell The Owner You’d Love To Host Their dog: If you feel that it’s a good match it’s important to actually say it! Be sure to let them know the next step is just to login to and click the Book Now button on the message thread.
  • If The Match Isn’t There – Let The Owner Know: GoFetch encourages you to let the owner know if you don’t feel it would be a good match. Be sure to thank them for taking the time and offer kind words about their dog. If pressed for an answer just say that based on your experience you have developed a sense for this type of thing.


If you can think of another sitter or walker that might be good, you can recommend them or recommend they use the GoFetch Match service at 1-844-903-3824. It’s always important to be honest up front rather than accepting a bad match.

Politely Decline Requests That Aren’t Right For You

Occasionally a repeat clients or owners who aren’t familiar with GoFetch will offer to pay you directly, thinking it’s a favour to you. If this happens, politely decline and explain to them that it’s in both of your interests to book every stay and walk with GoFetch. GoFetch offers premium pet insurance, 7 day a week customer support, and seamless payments to ensure maximum safety and helps you focus on your specialty – taking care of dogs.

That’s it, you are well on your way to the perfect Meet & Greet!




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