The Most Scenic Paths and Trails for Calgary Dog Walking

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There are some beautiful paths to take your dog out for a walk or jog in the Calgary area, the key is to know where you are going :). We’ve looked at all the options and put together a list of 10 incredibly places to go walking. Scan the list (there are some cute pictures too :), plan your trip, and enjoy the walk!

If you prefer not to walk or run and would rather hang out at a park while your dog plays be sure to check out our post on all the best Calgary dog-friendly parks and places for your dog.

The Best Places for Calgary Dog Walking

  1. Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park

Located on the north bank of the Bow River, this provincial park is very new and worth the visit. There are huge views of the sky and the surrounding rolling hills. You will feel small and humble in the best ways possible. Bring your dogs and go for a stroll; there are paved paths and more rough trails, whatever suits your fancy. If you want to make a day trip out of it, make sure to bring snacks, this is a very remote location.

Calgary Dog Walking
Calgary Dog Walking | @phillips.the.jewel
  1. Nose Hill Park

Little known fact, Nose Hill Park is the second largest urban park in Canada, and one of the largest urban parks in all of North America. Located in the northwest bits of Calgary, this park is a sweet escape from the city. Not only is the park just absolutely huge, but it is also chalk-full with nature. Nose Hill Park is actually known to be a natural environment park, with over 66 native vascular plant species. This is for sure one of the best places for Calgary dog walking; you and your dog will enjoy the little escape from the city and feel refreshed after being around such beautiful nature. You won’t feel too secluded though, because you can still catch some glimpses of the city for some incredible views!

Calgary Dog Walking
Calgary Dog Walking | @thebearbrothersmacandbodie
  1. Downtown Art Walk

This walk is not necessarily a specific route, as there are many options of where to go to see all the artwork downtown has to offer. There are over 60 murals downtown, which makes for an interesting walk about the city. You can find some seriously hidden gems and cool neighbourhoods when you’re walking and browsing with no real destination. Plus, there are incredible photo opportunities. If you take a picture of your dog with some art, please tag us in it! A good place to start is at the RiverWalk, or head down south towards 17th Avenue.

Calgary Dog Walking
Calgary Dog Walking | @primrosetheboston
  1. Roxboro Park Calgary

Starting at Roxboro Park (which is a nice place to stay if you wanted to, or you could continue on), this route goes up the Erlton Bluffs, through the cemeteries, over to Reader Rock Gardens, over into Ramsay, and finally back around Scotsman’s Hill. Who knew that there was a walk that could connect all of these neighbourhoods? With views of the city and many things to look at along the way, this Calgary dog walking route is a great option. You can make it as long or as short as you want too, which is great for those of varying fitness levels.

Calgary Dog Walking
Calgary Dog Walking | @kelly_jennings
  1. Glenmore Reservoir

The Glenmore Reservoir is about 17km around the entire thing, but, you don’t have to do that; because that is a long walk. So, if you go over to the Weaselhead Natural Area, you have a lot of options available to you. There are, of course, the Weaselhead Flats trail system, which is on the north side. This is a great option to bring your pup for a nice walk! Chances are there will be lots of opportunities for your dog to meet other dogs, as it’s a pretty popular walk. If you go down to the Jackrabbit Trail, which actually leads into the Weaselhead, you will get a rolling path that is a lot more remote. This area is a great Calgary dog walking route because of the many options and routes to take, all the while exploring wild nature.

Calgary Dog Walking
Calgary Dog Walking | @howling__husky_x


  1. 12 Mile coulee (The Tuscany Ravine)

The ravine is such a beautiful trail for you and your pup! Shortly after heading off of the main path you will be in a beautiful woodland wonderland. Expect to see plenty of streams, a variety of flora, and possibly some fauna. Seriously though, there have been sightings of porcupines and coyotes, so be careful when letting your dog off leash. However, if your dog gets into some prickly business, check out our blog on the best Calgary veterinary hospitals.

  1. Bowmont Park

Bowmont park is another great option for Calgary dog walking. There is a very well-kept, fully fenced off-leash area if you please. But, if you want to get out of the fences, there are plenty of routes that are close by. Unfortunately, a lot of the trails were effected by the 2013 floods, but they should be all open. Also, some trails are right on the Bow River, if your dog wants to jump in for a quick swim. But, if your dog isn’t the best swimmer, be careful in the marshy areas. Also, just as a side note, the fenced area is a hugely popular Calgary dog walking area, sometimes reaching upwards of 50 dogs! That just goes to show how great it is; and also gives you opportunities to meet new people, if you want.

Calgary Dog Walking
Calgary Dog Walking | @bailey.sash.john


  1. Confederation Park

Confederation Park is best for a quick stroll after Sunday brunch or some after-work exercise for your dog. The reason for this is that it is an incredibly well manicured on-leash park. But really, it is a great Calgary dog walking option and wonderful for unwinding after a long day. Make some friends, and add this walk to your dog walking schedule!

  1. Douglas Fir Trail

You can access this trail from the parking areas for Edworthy Park. If you park on the south side it is a lot easier to access this trail, but it doesn’t really matter. So, along the Bow River there is a strand of Douglas Fir Trees (hence the name). The trail itself is quite short (2.5km), which makes for some great Calgary dog walking! You can do this route pretty quickly (depending on the length of your little doggie’s legs and their fitness level, of course), which makes this a great walk for evenings or weekends. You will get some great views of the Bow River, so make sure you bring your preferred photo taking device!

  1. Griffith woods park

Griffith woods park is a natural environment park, bursting with White Spruce forests and creeks all throughout. It is roughly 5 km’s all the way around, but there are so many areas to explore throughout the park, you can make it as long or as short as your want. During the 2013 floods, this entire park was underwater; since this natural disaster struck, most of the pathways have been fixed and are again well maintained. There is one main paved pathway that goes all the way through, however, there are plenty of gravel ones to explore as well. Be careful on the gravel paths, though, they are quite uneven and a hazard for rolling ankles. Overall though, this is a beautiful place for Calgary dog walking; the amount of vegetation and all the different paths make it quite desolate and calming.

Calgary Dog Walking
Calgary Dog Walking | @sarahdawnb17

Calgary Dog Walking Summary

There are so many places to go walking in Calgary that doesn’t involve heading over to the mountains (although that is a great option!). From all the Calgary dog parks, to the list of scenic paths and trails we have laid out here in this blog, you should never not know where to go with your dog! Switch it up from short after work walks to longer more secluded trails, there are plenty of options for everyone’s preferences.




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