The Most Scenic Toronto Dog Walking Trails

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Toronto Dog Walking – The How & Why:

Look no further than GoFetch for all your walking and boarding need in the Toronto area. We connect you with the best sitters and walkers the city has to offer. Toronto dog walking has proven to be an incredibly valuable service to so many people; it provides jobs, stress relief for owners, and really, what dog would pass up on a dog walk? There are so many reasons why people get dogs (mostly because dogs are amazing and who wouldn’t want one?); of course dog owners would rather walk their own dog, but sometimes that isn’t always possible. Life gets in the way, whether that be working late or having to quickly go out of town at the last minute because your sibling is having a baby. Sometimes, although it sucks, a dogs’ walking needs are put on the back burner behind other more pressing matters. However, we as the entire human population, LOVE our dogs. We would do literally anything for them, and that’s where dog walking comes in to play.

Who gets their dog walked?

The dog walking business isn’t just for those incredibly professional dog-connoisseurs, either. Your little old lady neighbour may want to walk your dog because she needs to get some exercise and wants some company, or the 22-year-old student a couple apartments down might be missing their family dog and need some extra coin. Dog walking, and specifically Toronto dog walking, is for everyone and anyone, and needing to hire a dog walker does not mean that you are any better or worse than the dog owners who don’t.

Why get your dog walked?

Daily dog walks are an incredibly important aspect of your dog’s life. Not only is it essential for dogs to get some form of physical activity on a daily basis to keep their hearts healthy, but it also provides dogs with optimal chances for socialization. You’ve probably heard it before, it’s not a bad dog — it’s a bad owner. Taking your dog out for walks daily, from an early age, exposes your dog with other dogs and distractions. With your constant support and discipline, dogs will learn and understand what it means to be a “good dog”.

Having your favourite Toronto dog walking person walk your dog while you’re at work is also essential for those pups who need to relieve themselves more frequently. Can you imagine not being able to go to the bathroom for 8+ hours? I can’t. I would definitely pee on the carpet. Dog walkers save you from coming home to a mess on a daily basis. I’m 100% certain your pup will be in support of this, because who in their right mind likes to hold their bladder for that long?

How to pick the best dog walker?

There are many aspects that go into picking a dog walker. Ultimately, no matter what, it is up to you and your gut feeling on the person. Giving someone the keys to your house, access to your back yard, and your dog, is a huge commitment and display of trust. No matter how high their ratings are on Yelp or their GoFetch profile, you need to feel comfortable giving them your dog for any period of time. As such, we suggest getting coffee with the person first or going on a walk with them and your dog. This will make everyone involved in the party feel more comfortable and excited about the future relationship. Who knows, you may be telling your friends all about the best of Toronto dog walking and buying your dog walker a Christmas present this year because you love them so much.

What to do before your dogs first walk?

Head on over to your vet and make sure your dog is all up to date on their shots. Updated shots are necessary for your dog to attend any dog park, as well. Make sure you check out our blog on the best Toronto dog parks. Having a healthy pup should always be your first priority as a dog owner, so going to the vet for a regular check up is a great idea.  Also, remember Bob Barker? Always get your pets spayed and neutered! It’s always best if your dog already has good behaviour on-leash; make sure your dog walker is aware if your dog doesn’t. Have a good, strong, short leash and give your dog walker some of your pup’s favourite treats. With that, you are ready for Toronto dog walking!

The best places for Toronto Dog Walking:

Toronto has often been called the “city within a park”. Like Vancouver, there is plenty of greenery to explore and relax in. We are so lucky, as Canadians, to be able to live in places that pride themselves on having so many parks! Toronto itself has over 1600 parks! So whether you are a local, or just visiting the area, we have collected some of the best most, scenic places to go to satisfy your Toronto dog walking needs.

1. Broadview Avenue

Broadview Avenue and the below Riverdale Park is reminiscent of Central Park in New York City. Walk along this area and take in the sweeping views of the city, bordered by tall green trees. This is one of our favourite places to stroll with our dogs. No matter the season, this is an absolutely stunning panorama. You will understand why Drake named his album Views.

Toronto Dog Walking

2. Mount Pleasant Cemetery

What a pleasant Cemetery. Seriously though. Understandably, with our societies notorious fear of death, some people may not want to frequent this spot for a nice stroll. However, Mount Pleasant Cemetery is actually an incredibly beautiful place to walk with your dog. Toronto dog walking is often all about the views, but taking some time to wander through this area and appreciate all the lives that have been lived and their contributions to our world will make you feel humble and appreciate your life a little more!

Toronto Dog Walking

3. High Park

This scenic area makes High Park one of the best Toronto dog walking areas. There is an abundance of off-leash dog trails and paved paths so you and your pal can get some exercise! The rolling hills of High Park creates a lovely atmosphere for a stroll at any time during the year; our favourite is in the spring when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom.

4. Cherry Beach

Probably any beach around Toronto would do for a good dog walk, but Cherry Beach is often well populated and maintained. It has beautiful views and lots of nature, so you can let your dog suck up that fresh air. Walking along here is very serene, but if you would like there is also an off-leash area for you to throw some stick with your pup!

5. Scarborough Bluffs Park

A nice middle ground between a hike and a walk. This area is a great place to take your dog for a walk. The views are spectacular and surprisingly tropical. Take some time to look out at the water and take some deep breaths of fresh air. You and your dog will have a very enjoyable time walking here.

Toronto Dog Walking

6. Moore Park Ravine

Moore Park Ravine is the epitome of a nature walk. Covered by a tree canopy, and various bridges spread throughout the trail, you will think you have left the city all together. This walk is generally quite calm and quiet, although you do share the path with cyclists! Take a trip out here during every season and view all the changing coloured trees, you will not regret it.

7. The Boardwalk at the Eastern Beaches

This boardwalk is an excellent location to take your dog for an afternoon stroll. Less busy than Kew Gardens, this is still an excellent place for people watching and taking in the views. Come during dawn and dusk, when the sky is just the most beautiful colours.

8. Edwards Gardens

Edwards Gardens is a very popular place to go during the summer days. There are so many trails and paths to explore through. Keep your eyes out for all the different types of flora (and maybe you’ll see some fauna!). Take your time to really enjoy your walks here, it is an incredible nature walk.

Toronto Dog Walking

9. Lakefront Promenade (Marilyn Bell Park)

This walk is incredibly serene at dawn and dusk. It is generally pretty calm, but still populated enough to make you feel safe. Take a moment during your walk to enjoy the views of the lake and breath in the fresh air.

Toronto Dog Walking

Toronto Dog Walking Overview

The 6ix is an amazing place to live, and we urge all residents to get out and explore different areas of your home! Visitors, really appreciate how much nature is in such a big city. We love Toronto and calling it our home.

If we missed your favourite scenic walk, please let us know – we’ll add it right away. Much love,

– The GoFetch Team



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