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We’ve put together an awesome list of outdoor Calgary dog activities for you! The beautiful outdoor scenery allows for a great experience for our puppy companions. From the small bodies of water to the huge fields, our dogs will have a great time being outside. Apart from these activities, many restaurants, activities, and events in Calgary offer dog-friendly options to bring your furry friend along for a really great ride!

The list below includes activities and entertainment for your pet to enjoy with you, patio dining options for your dogs, as well as a list of the top 8 best Calgary dog parks. If you are looking for an amazing dog boarding, sitting, walking or daycare simply follow this link GoFetch.

Calgary Dog Activities – Attractions and Entertainment

1. Calaway Park – Calgary, AB | (403) 240-3822

This fair ground is an awesome place to bring your family or friends. Although the dogs are not allowed in the fair itself, you can check your pet into the doggy daycare! Your dog will love hanging with friends and its not that hard on the pocket. It only costs $5 dollars a day. Just bring your pet and a their favourite dog toy!

Calgary Dog Friendly Activities
Calgary Dog Friendly Activities | @sophiaxisbl

2. Spruce Meadows – 18011 Spruce Meadows Way SW, Calgary | 403-974-4200

Although this training facility is for horses, it also is a fun place to go for a Calgary dog activity for your pooch. Keep your dogs on a leash but bring them around to see the grounds and watch the trainers exercise the horses. Please always remember to clean up after your pet as this terrain is very well maintained and they would like it to stay that way! Another thing to remember, there are lots of people at these events and this activity might be better suited for a calmer pup.

3. Fort Calgary – 750 – 9th Avenue SE, Calgary | (403) 290-1875

This beautiful 40-acre site is a beautiful place to bring your dog for a nice stroll. The location just east of downtown Calgary is easy to get to and is a great place to spend a couple of hours with your pup. Dogs do need to remain on their leash and are not allowed in any of the buildings but this is one of the most scenic outings in the area. Definitely something to check out at least once!

Calgary Dog Friendly Activities – Patio Dining

1. Ranchman’s Cookhouse and Dancehall – 9615 Macleod Trail S. | 403-259-5447

Having a hard time finding a place where you can bring your dog and get served? We’ve got you covered. This cookhouse allows you to dine with your pooch on the patio. There is always water bowls available. However, the restaurant is BYOT (bring your own treats). All dogs must stay on their leashes and you must be able to prove they have been vaccinated.

2. Creekside Bar & Grill – 1065 Canyon Meadows Drive SW | (403) 457-2411

Going to Creekside is another one of the best Calgary dog friendly activities. Around the patio there are a variety of hitching posts for your furry friends to hang out with you while you eat your meals. These posts are in the shade so your dog will be out of the sun and can relax as you eat. There is also a variety of dog treats, ice water and comfortable mats available for your dog. They love pets and would love to have you as their guest!

3. The Farmer’s House – 2138 33 Ave SW, Calgary | (403) 727-1188

The Farmer’s house has a beautiful fenced area outside their patio for all dogs to enjoy a nice play while you eat your meal. There are no dogs allowed in the restaurant but they definitely are appreciated and welcomed with open arms, treats, and water on the patio.

Calgary Dog Friendly Activities – Dog Parks

Although there are variety of different types of dog parks in Calgary, many of them have similar rules. Check out the following to remember when going to off leash parks specifically:

  • Keep your dog in your view at all times
  • Carry your dog licence at all times
  • Always pick up after you dog

Calgary Dog Friendly Activities

Best Dog Parks in Calgary

River Dog Park – 5139 14 Street Sw. Calgary, AB T3E 1P1

This is one of the most beautiful dog parks in the area, dog paradise! There are always dogs that use this facility because of the paths and field space. In fact, even people who do not have dogs use this park as it is so nice! You will always see joggers, families, and couples using the facilities. The park, of course, has a river flowing through the valley. This river is surrounded by a pebbly beach, which is a great place for dogs in the summer to get a drink and play in the water. The best part of this park is that you have a great view of the Calgary city skyline. If you are ever looking for a great place for you and your pet to have a great afternoon, look no further than River Park! This is one of the best Calgary dog friendly activities.

Finally, this park is known to have very friendly guests; this is a great place to make friends and meet other dog owners! Go check it out!

Sue Higgins Dog Park – Deerfoot Trail and Southland Drive, Calgary, AB T2J

The Sue Higgins Park is a fun Calgary dog activity and has gone through a series of improvements over the last couple years that have made it into one of the nicest dog parks in the area and second on our list of great locations to take your pup! The improvements have really looked at making the park easier for humans and dogs. For example, putting in more garbage cans and landscaping work to make the park cleaner and more beautiful. This park has access to a river and the improvements have made the fencing on the mud slope better for all dogs and people. As a result of the nature reserve near by, there are many birds and unique plant life in the area.

Rotary Dog Park – 617 1 Street NE. Calgary, AB T2E 3B3

This is one of my personal favourite Calgary dog friendly activities in terms of dogs parks for many reasons. Firstly, the location of this park is very close to the city, making it really easily accessible for everyone. The next great thing about this park is its size. This park is a perfect medium sized park which allows for a good amount of people and dogs. A perfect amount of people to talk to and dogs to socialize with. But it is not small enough for the park to get overly busy and chaotic. Lots of regulars hit up this park and have fun together. Their dogs are all friends! Join the party and get involved in this community of dog lovers by taking a trip to Rotary Park!

Tom Campbell’s Dog Hill – 25 St. George’s Dr. NE. Calgary, AB T2E 5E4

Tom Campbell’s Hill, also know as Old Tom Campbell Hill is one of Calgary’s most unknown and special doggy secrets. Located on top of the hill by the zoo and Telus Spark, this is a wondering grassland, perfect for a dog and human adventure. It got its name because in the 1900’s there was a billboard on the hill advertising for Tom Campbell Hats. How about that for some trivia knowledge! There is a beautiful pathway lined with trees in this area that leads straight into fields. This extremely scenic route is perfect for a nice day out with the dogs! In the winter this is a perfect place for tobogganing with your pup.

West Hillhurst off Leash Area – 2004 8 Avenue Northwest Calgary, AB T2N 4J4

If you are ever to look at a map of the Calgary area, it is very obvious to note the larger green spots. The West Hillhurst area is one of the largest off-leash dog parks in Calgary. There is a great parking lot for the humans which makes access really easy for an afternoon of fun. The park is surrounded by fences that are made of cable at the bottom. This means that if your dog is not really well trained and does not reply to all your calls, this might not be the best park for you. You might want to check out some of the other more gated parks in the area. However, for other dogs, this is a wonderful and peaceful park.

This park is very well maintained and people do a great job of picking up for their pets, which keeps the park looking great. This is another great location for kids tobogganing and letting your doggie run free! There is also a lot of excellent views of the downtown skyline and is a great place for pictures of you and your dogs!

Calgary Dog Friendly Activities
Calgary Dog Friendly Activities | @ragnarpugventures

McHugh Bluff Dog Park Address- 3rd Street and Memorial Drive NW, Calgary, AB T2N

This is one of the most enjoyable mid-day walks you can go on for a Calgary dog activity. This park is located in the Prince’s Island Park and is one of the best areas to bring your dog. If you are looking for some exercise and a great way to wear out your pooch, I would look at checking out McHugh Bluff. There are a lot of stairs to hit the top area where the park is located and you can get quite the work out in. However, this is healthy for you and after reading our blog about dog obesity it is something worth spending some time doing! The great thing is that the views from the top of the park are really perfect. They are breathtaking – literally! Check out this park on days that you might wanna get a little bit more than a light walk in.

Inglewood Off Leash Dog Area – New Street Southeast, Calgary, AB T2G

Although the parking might be a little bit more of a challenge to find, this beautiful off-leash dog park is definitely worth it! This is a true hidden gem of a park. It is quiet and very under used by the Calgary dog community. This makes it a nice place to go to get out of the bustle of the city life. There are many positive aspects of the park’s facilities. For example, there is a beautiful river that flows through the park. In the summer this is a great place for your dog to take a nice little dip after playing and getting rid of some energy. There is also a very nice terrain – including some hills and a lot of beautiful trees. It is an all-around beautiful place to be in the summer months.

All in all, this is another great place to bring your pup. However, a quick word of warning, there is a trail running through the middle of the park used by bikers. This is something to be warned of, when your dogs are playing freely. Stay Safe!

Falconridge Off Leash Dog Park – 173 Falwood Way NE. Calgary, AB T3J 1A8

This is one of the highest rated Calgary dog activities. Dogs love to come here because, being an off-leash dog park, your dog can run freely with no real distractions. The park itself is very large and offers a lot of room for dogs to run free. The one down side is that there is no water here for dogs. However, this could be good for some because there will be no drying necessary before the ride home! The grassy landscape allows for a flat terrain for your pup. There are many shady areas to picnic while your dogs go have fun. It is a very safe environment and is very clean and well maintained by its users!

Although many dog owners are very busy people, it is always nice to have options to do fun things with your dog when you have time. This list of Calgary dog friendly activities allows for a great way to understand the local opportunities that are available to you and your pooch. Take advantage of them and check them out!

Hope you enjoyed this post on Calgary dog activities!




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