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Making Dog Ownership Simple

Dog walking is a crowded space, with a multitude of walkers and walking services. GoFetch simplifies this environment, offering a convenient, safe, and seamless experience for dog walkers, dog boarders and dog owners. The Vancouver based company connects walkers and boarders with dog owners all across Canada, making sure that all of our four-legged friends get their appropriate level of fresh air and exercise while their humans are off at yoga, a brewery, or working away at the office to help pay for the Vancouver lifestyle we all love so much.

It may seem weird to some people, to hire someone to walk their dog for them, but most dog owners can agree that there has been at least a couple times when they missed out on fun events, or had to scramble home after working late, fingers crossed that their house hasn’t been destroyed in their absence. We live in a world of conveniences and this app is the next on the list of “things you didn’t know you needed but most definitely do.”

Vancouver Dog Walking App

The Why and How behind GoFetch

The dog walking industry is a rapidly growing marketplace in Canada, and provides a great opportunity to connect the community! Currently, GoFetch is the largest dog walking platform in the country, dedicated to serving our fellow Canadians. 

The app makes it easy to find the perfect walker, whether dog owners need to use the service on demand or only occasionally. Users set their own price & length for the walks they provide, and is completely free to sign up & remain on the platform as a walker. Every walker keeps 82% of what they charge for their service, 3% is for the credit card transaction fee, and the remaining 15% goes towards providing 24/7 customer service, premium pet-insurance, and constant improvements to the app. Each walker gets paid via direct deposit to their bank on a weekly basis. 

GoFetch provides peace of mind to dog owners (and walkers!) alike. All services provided by GoFetch (dog walking, dog boarding, and dog sitting) are covered under our insurance policy. This policy covers resident dogs, guest pets, and property damage, with a much lower deductible than traditional kennels, while providing much higher coverage than said kennels. If you’re curious for more detailed information, check out our Premium Pet Insurance! In addition to this, GoFetch makes communication easy between the walker and dog owner, providing simple and easy messaging through the app to help set up an initial meeting. We at GoFetch encourage these “Meet & Greets”, not only so you can get to know your walker, but because it is a great way to build relationships with local members of your community.

vancouver dog walking app

Who is this for?

Our aim at GoFetch is to “make dog ownership simple”. With our services however, this simplicity extends beyond just dog owners. As Canada’s largest dog community, we are able to tap into resources that were just not available before. Pre-existing dog walkers, for example, now have a platform where they can have a detailed profile, reviews, location, prices, and more. Dog owners have a one-stop resource for walking, boarding, and sitting. Through this one idea, we at GoFetch are able to bring dog lovers together and help share the care & joy.

As GoFetch is very technology based, unsurprisingly, the majority of our users are young working adults. Growing up such applications their whole lives, this idea and platform was an easy adoption for them. However, we have seen an increasingly diversifying user base, as word of mouth spreads about GoFetch. Students & seniors have been growing on our platform, even though their motivations may differ. Whether it be for stress relief, desire for some company, or just have some spare time, dog walking is a flexible option for many out there.

Past the auxiliary benefits of dog walking, there is the obvious element of making extra income. It is no secret that Vancouver is an incredibly expensive city to live. However, Vancouver has one the highest dog ownership rates in Canada, and the demographic is ripe for dog related services. Majority of the dog owners in the city are full-time employees, and as such, their dogs are usually left at home during the day. This creates the space for casual, part-time, and seasonal jobs. GoFetch fits perfectly into this market, and offers its users the flexibility, and income, to help make those few extra bucks.

GoFetch – The Vancouver Dog Walking App

GoFetch is committed to helping deliver the highest quality of personalized care possible. We are a company of dog lovers who have built, and are continuing to improve, a product meant to serve dog owners and dog lovers across Canada. If you have any questions, make sure to visit our FAQ page. If you have a specific query, send us a message! We’ll get back to you right away. Much love,

-The GoFetch Team



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