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What is dog sharing?

What if I told you you could get into the dog sharing business, just by downloading an app? That you can walk and hangout with other peoples dogs and get paid for it? I’m sure I can speak for most dog lovers when I say that I would do that for free…

Most millennials would say that we were always taught to be careful with what we post online. “Never meet strangers you talk to online in public” was the mantra of my middle school years; when you’re 13, that faceless 15 year old you’re talking to is Most Definitely going to be a 50 year old creep who wants to kidnap you!

However, as we have gotten older, and technology is continuing to expand in unfathomable ways – I find myself sharing quite a lot of very personal information with the interwebs, specifically my credit card number, with little worry. A study conducted by Elon University’s Imagining the Internet Center found that some 67% agreed with the statement: “By 2020, [millennials] will continue to be ambient broadcasters who disclose a great deal of personal information in order to stay connected and take advantage of social, economic, and political opportunities. Even as they mature, have families, and take on more significant responsibilities, their enthusiasm for widespread information sharing will carry forward.”

Anecdotally, they’re right; I will gladly give my credit card information to Uber if that means I don’t have to go through the hassle of pulling my card out at the end of a taxi ride. You can be absolutely sure that I will also give my credit card information to JustEat so I can seamlessly scroll through an innumerable amount of menus, order my food, and have it dropped off at my door.

dog sharing enthusiasts
millennials loving the city life

Why do millennials love convenience and flexibility?

So why are we giving more of ourselves to the online world? We were taught the risks of being vulnerable online. Very simply, for the convenience and flexibility. The Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development, states that 60% of all millennials were keen on renting vs. owning all types of goods and services. Also, 1 in 3 millennials are interested in renting out their own belongings to make side cash. As there are around 92 million millennials, this is a huge market. 

Society is incredibly fast and expensive. As much as people like to think millennials are lazy, we are actually very career oriented. Renting in the city makes sense for us, so that we can have access to everything we need. For example, we have the freedom to pack our bags and relocate for potential job opportunities. Or, sign up for dog sharing apps so that we can borrow and walk a dog, which gives us the best of both worlds; as much as we love dogs – we are too busy to give the animals the life they deserve.

Why join the dog sharing app, GoFetch?

I love dogs, I have always loved dogs; but in my current life situation, there is no way I would be able to afford having a dog (re: money and time). How can I commit to having a 15 year long relationship with a pet, when I can barely commit to signing a 6 month lease on my rental suite? Yes, of course, I would do whatever I could to make it work with my pet and I would figure it out – but that doesn’t mean that this dog would be getting the life that it deserves!

With this dog sharing app, however, walkers can essentially borrow someone else’s dog for up to an hour, and better yet, get paid for it. My time is incredibly valuable at this stage of my life; if I can make money while pursuing my passions, then I feel like I have my life priorities set straight. My autonomy as a human in a capitalist world will strengthen every time I accept a walk – something I thoroughly enjoy doing – and earn a couple bucks in the end.

dog sharing millennials
Sharing dogs and hiking mountains

Why are millennials getting pets instead of having babies?

On the flip side of this conversation, many millennials are opting out of parenthood and in exchange are getting pets to fill that so-called “void” human people get for not fulfilling their biological duty of reproducing. According to data from the Urban Institute, birth rates among 20-something women declined 15% between 2007 and 2012. There is a plethora of valid reasons for millennials to be opting out of parenthood. Besides the fact that it’s our bodies and our lives and we can do what we want with them; raising a human child is hella expensive.

Is having a pet similar to having a baby?

Many millennials are finding themselves completely emotionally fullfilled through the companionship of owning a pet. But like I said previously, our time is incredibly valuable as we build up our futures. We are completely capable of giving our pets the life they deserve; some people would jump in front of a moving vehicle for the little things. But what happens when you need to stay late at the office? Or when happy hour turns into multiple hours?

Here comes into play the convenience and flexibility that millennials love so much, once more. Having the option to get someone to walk your dog is life changing! Yes of course I would rather walk my own dog, but if I’m in a bind, or I just don’t want to do it that day? You bet I’ll hand over my credit card information to the best dog sharing app and pay someone to walk my dog.

Why do millennials love their pets so much?

Furthermore, millennials are absolutely obsessive over their pets. They are straight up bonkers for their little Sassy or Shadow. Seriously, we are incredibly keen on tracking the activities of our pets and the status of their health. There are webcams, collars with tracking devices; there is even a ball that has a webcam and remote control in it (which you can get through the GoFetch Shop); and, of course, dog sharing apps. GoFetch is a seamless way to connect with trusted dog lovers in your community. Dog owners can track each walk through GPS. After the walks, there is a “post-walk report card” telling owners what happened while their pet was out. The walkers will also send you photos of your lil pooch on the walk – giving you some serious peace of mind!

millennials stoked about the future of dog sharing
happy millennials

How to make new friends in the city

In the past, where you make your friends (and future partners) was in high school, university, and the workplace. In our current contemporary society, the relationship marketplace is thinning. Millennials are still making friends through work and school. However, we are also a lot more likely to relocate to new areas for jobs. This limits our connections with our old university friends. Yes, there is still the possibility of having work friends, but sometimes you need to keep your personal life and work life separate.

So where do you meet people?

Young people can join a sports league, meet people at bars, or try online dating. Remember though, millennials time is very valuable and we need quick results. This makes online dating seem like one of the best options, right? But what happens when you aren’t looking for a relationship? What if you just want someone to hang out with when you have some downtime? How can you feel like you are a part of a community without having to devote a mass amount of your time to building these relationships?

Remember when I said that we were always told not to meet the strangers we talk to online in person? Yeah… we do that. A lot. Parents are known to instill in us this fear of being kidnapped from a young age, but that is no longer the norm. GoFetch is proud of facilitating a community of dog lovers. Every time you meet someone to walk your dog, it is an opportunity to make a new friend.  

Millennials love living in cities

The City Life is not the easiest place to make friends; everyone is heads down in their various devices and in their own digital world; this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it just means we have to re-learn how to navigate our communication techniques online. No one really knows what they are doing anyways. Being able to use technology as an “introduction service” is huge in bridging the gap between the virtual and reality. Fostering a semi-organic sense of community is just one perk of the newest in the sharing economy, GoFetch.

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